Mine Tileset==Great Template for Outdoor

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Anyone ever consider taking the mine tileset and retexturing it to look like grass plains/cliff sides?

I mean it does have the basic look of a mountain region.


  • Agreed. This would be the ideal starting point into creating an outdoor tileset.

    To pull it off properly, it wouldn't be too tough to do. Would require a few original grass and dirt textures, and then re coloring the current textures, removing un needed props, modifying & adding in props from other sets to make everything look right.

    After I learn the basics of the toolset, I'd be interested in starting this up. I could start it now, but would rather be able to properly map first before doing it.
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    someone tried using the crypt tileset
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  • Well I'd be going for something darker and similar to the town. Theres enough assets in TL to get this going if the time is taken to make sure all the colors work together.


    Still haven't looked at the editor, but I did try changing and editing the textures.

    quick texture change test:

    From here I need to start removing, modifying and adding props to turn this into its own pallete and get that outdoor look going.
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  • wow, that looks great. i really am hoping someone can get an outdoor tileset working soon
  • heres some updates on my progress:

    finished retexturing and turning this into its own independent tile set. Its named cliff side. Removed all the mines specific stuff. It works ingame and in the editor and has tags. All floors, walls, trims, etc use their own textures an materials. A total of 148 meshes were modified
    Ported and retextured the trees, grass, rocks and bushes from the town props folder to work with it. Current amount is 24.

    Whats left to do:
    +improve grass floor texture.
    +put more plants and trees in. Going to also try and get some of the stuff from the town map into here as well. What you see in the torchlight town map is pre positioned and has the tree tops seperated from the trunks. Going to try and make them stand alones.
    +port and modify some structures for it like bridges and sign post
    +create more types of stair slopes
    +create bottom trims to help blend the grass into rock walls better.
    +finish example test map

    Hoping to have something uploaded to try out this week. :)
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    IT's looking pretty good...would love to see some outdoor areas, or see someone mod an 'overworld' style map.
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    I was planning on using the town tileset with a few other tileset, but if someone wants to be me to it then that will save me some time. The town tileset has some nice overlays that make it look kind of like you are outside. I think the key will be not use any walls (like the mines), use things like railing and have land extend out beyond the railing where you can't see or get to so it looks like expansive overworld. I will try to put a proof of concept together when I get time....
  • heres a screen shot from the editor


    Prop wise i've been picking out pieces of the town map and making them stand alone or small centered groups. Tree canopies are now included with the tree trunk meshes to make things much easier to use.

    Next stop is to get some variations in color and terrian. It needs some blends from grass to dirt to weeds, etc.

    One thing that could be done to help make the areas feel more open is to do what neverwinter nights did and create 3d forest walls. These were thick areas where the player couldn't walk and the forest looked too dense to even move in.
    They also used an LOD system for the grass. When the camera was zoomed in close, you seen tons of blades of tall grass. When zoomed out, those blades gradually disapeared to help resouces.
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    There are a few more trees/grass/bushes in the prop tag. I think they were for an earlier version of the Town since they are much lower quality.

    Can't wait for your upload!
  • Omnifas wrote:
    There are a few more trees/grass/bushes in the prop tag. I think they were for an earlier version of the Town since they are much lower quality.

    Can't wait for your upload!

    I've added those props too. Their quality might be lower, but Runic did redo some of the textures for other props. So i've been able to fix some of them up.
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    This looks awesome! I was just about to start a project like this, can't wait to see your final version.
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    More screen shots coming in the next few days. should also finally have a public beta up before the end of the month.


    Editor screen shot:
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    This is looking fantastic! Definately keeping an eye on this. Hopefully, this will inspire and help others create more content for the game.
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    @revility: can I have a question?
    When creating new tileset (new meshes and so), you created new [TILESET] with new name? or you just expanded some existing e.g. CAVE. I wasn't able to see (and select) my new props when creating extra DAT file (PROPS2.DAT) - I had to use existing (SUNKENTEMPLE.DAT), to add my PIECEs there.
  • I started off with cloning the mine tileset dat file. Opened it in notepad++ and did a quick name replacement.
    When it came to adding and removing pieces, that part needed to be done in the torchED. When adding or removing externally, I kept getting error messages when trying to view it in torched.
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  • wow that is looking great! I had just posted to see if anyone was doing this! If i can be of any help please let me know. If you need any beta testers etc. I can also do textures etc. Im still new to the editor but making progress. Thanks for all the hard work!
  • Don't forget one of the most important factors for changing the feeling of an "outdoor" tile set. You need to provide new sounds. Whenever you are in an interior environment, you get different ambient noises, as well as an echo. If you want your tile set to really feel like it is taking place outside, you should provide different ambient sounds. Some crickets chirping, perhaps some owls hooting, the kind of sounds that you wouldn't hear in a cave. Maybe a little more whistling wind.
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    agreed on the sounds & music. However, I am not a sound guy. If somebody could help me with that, it would be apreciated.

    Working on the final set of props now. Wasn't going to add this stuff in at first, but I think you guys can find some use for it. Most of it is stuff like stone walls and grave yard pieces.

    I tried out turning on the pre rendering for decals, trims and bushes. So far its working pretty good and stopped most of the visual problems.

    My question is what is the difference between post, pre or not clicking a rendering method? How does it effect performance too?
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    Looks pretty good Revility.
    I was going to post what I put together in past hour and I found this thread and figured it would fit well in here.
    Below are some screenshots of how an outside world can be created using the existing tilesets, props, etc in the game. Sure it doesn't look at pretty, but it works for the most part. I threw this together in an hour, so be easy on the lackluster design....
  • all this work looks fantastic!
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  • Final set of props have been added and its in final testing :) Theres around 105 tiles and 90 props now. Grave yard pieces have been added. Time to hunt down blood raven :P

    Here are a couple of screen shots using a modified lava ruleset instead of the mines. This gives it a more warm, fallish feel.
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    Great work! Love it!
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    hi there.
    i will try to make a song and a some soundscaps(brids and stuff). next week.
    i give you a call, than...
    if you have a idea what you want for a sound call me plz. this makes me a lot easy to produce the "right"sound (sorry for my bad english).
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    I posted my quick sample outdoor level here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=10529
    The eaiest thing to do in ourdoor maps is just select PROPS in your Palette and go nuts. I don't remember exactly wher the boulders are located, but I think there are 7 types embedded in the prop. Oh, and some props don't have collision so you have to make you you hide an invisible object to act as the collider.
  • Going to give that map a try tonight, looks really cool and different from what I've been doing.

    Here is the first public build for everyone to try out. Let me know if there are any problems with it. Make sure you check the included read me file which has a few notes about installing and using it in torched.

    CliffSide build 1.0.0 mod db Download link

    If anyone else would like to mirror it, please feel free to do so.

    Cheers! :D
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    Think you should start a new thread for it.
  • Here's what I've managed for outside areas


    I used the green ground tiles from sunken temple for the ground, mine pieces for walls and cliffs and town plants for plants.
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