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Recently I downloaded the HealthyPet mod and noticed that it simply doesn't work. There was no change in game, and when I compared the mod file with original Torchlight data, they were exactly the same. I think that the author uploaded wrong file by mistake. Can happen to anybody, and happened to me before. Anyway, soon after I noticed that, I was asked to fix the issue, and here it is. I give you two version of the mod. Do not install both versions at the same time, just pick the one you like more, and don't forget to delete the old version if you have it installed.

Somewhat Healthy Pet url=]DOWNLOAD[/url
At first 6 levels your pet's health is the same. After that it increases gradually, from 2% at level 7 up to 60% at level 55. I tested it with 40 level character and here are before/after values for different pets.

Cat and Dog: 2816/4032
Thorned Strider and Varkolyn: 4400/6300
Goblinhound: 5280/7560
Mimic and Gel: 7040/10080
Troll: 8800/12600
Burrower: 10560/15120
Elementals and some other pets: 2640/3780
Tigers from my Tigerfish Mod: 3520/5040

Very Healthy Pet url=]DOWNLOAD[/url
Changes are more severe in the second version of the mod, so at level 55 the health of your pet is doubled. Below are before/after health values of various pets, tested with 40 level character.

Cat and Dog: 2816/4832
Thorned Strider and Varkolyn: 4400/7550
Goblinhound: 5280/9060
Mimic and Gel: 7040/12080
Troll: 8800/15100
Burrower: 10560/18120
Elementals and some other pets: 2640/4530
Tigers from my Tigerfish Mod: 3520/6040

One last note: It will not affect your current pet. To see any changes in game you must feed your pet a fish after installing the mod. Any fish will do.



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