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I decided to try out traps myself quite recently. I believe I started her yesterday, and got her up to ~23 today. Been having some troubles so far though, since I haven't gotten any Web spells. That said, I don't think I'll be continuing with her anymore; the Fire Sentry is utterly useless, the Lv.1 skill that involves hurling a lightning-ball has far too small radius (graphical radius is huge, while the actual effective radius is puny) to be of any use. I haven't tried out the Lighnting Sentry yet, but I'm not feeling tempted to do so either. Flechette coupled with Devouring seems to be the more effective combination of traps, and to be honest, I think that's a bit weak. While I'm fully aware of my computer's age, it's still annoyingly extra laggy for me to spam multiple Flechette Traps; my game doesn't seem to want to respond to following single skill-uses unless I really hold the button/s down. And another thing - traps cannot (as far as my experience with them so far tells me) land critical hits.

I don't think trap builds will have anymore trouble than other classes/builds, but you'll reach the "Glancing Blow" stage much earlier. It's most definately not a build to use if you intend to go as far as possible into the Shadow Vault.

I would of course really like to hear some feedback from anyone who's leveled a trapper-build up to 100.

Here's a screenie of may trapper cheesing the Ember Colossus boss:

Although, cheesing that boss that way, can be done with any ranged build, I guess. ;)


  • Wow.. you vanquishers sure are a helpful bunch. :roll:
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    Far as I'm aware, the power of your traps is based on the level of your character, and absolutely nothing else. My trapper went with a wand/shield setup, with 3 points of Magic and 2 points of Def every level, mainly because it's easy to get Faster Casting on wands. Until Flechette, she fought by zapping a wand and throwing lightning bombs (I skipped the fire trap).

    I didn't see much in the way of glancing blows. Flechette and shock traps, and the occasional devouring trap sorted out pretty much everything. If foes got too close, Wind of Justice was my "Oh ****!" button.

    She did fine in the late game, but I retired her after she beat Ordrak, so I didn't get to see how she would perform in the Shadow Vault. In retrospect, I probably would have had an even easier time going with Dex/Def with gun/shield instead, since I could have simply used my 1 freebie point in Ricochet for attacking while waiting for Flechette, instead of bothering with the bombs.

    Also, Flechette and Shock traps have a 1 second cooldown, so even with Faster Casting, you can't spam them just holding down the button. I mostly just alternated between them to avoid the cooldowns, using Flechette/Shock/Flechette/Shock instead of Flechette/Flechette/Shock/Shock.
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    Lillis nailed it down quite well.
    1 point in fire sentry though was good in toasting low level zombies and spiders.

    Am also leveling up my VH(SC) Vanquisher (level20 now) and am following the pattern of my normal level36 Vanq which had used Flechette and Devouring traps.

    Am playing my vanq with items found or gambled and previouly was tempted to "borrow" items from previous toons as Vanquishers are gear dependent unlike summoners which are somewhat dependent on the level of charms (skels, archers and zombies).

    One thing that changed the desire to "borrow" gear and which kept my Vanquisher alive were the skellies. With 1 point in fire sentry and 1 point in Richochet plus a low level skel charm would be enough to tide you over until you get Seeking Shot and Flechette. This enabled my Vanquisher to put more points into Ranged Weapon Expertise, Armor and Critical Strikes.

    My current Vanquisher has blood skel and level3 skel which makes 10 disposable melee heroes + Flechettes and Devouring traps + Seeking and Explosive Shot + Wind of Justice which seems to work well for now even though my current main wep is a paltry 275 dps slow rifle which came from gambling.

    Same sentiments as the others though, I would also like to hear some feedback from anyone who has taken a trapper build to 100.
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