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Howdy Howdy!

This is a list of the names used for animation in torchlight and how they function. Some modders may find this useful when creating new sets for pre-existing or custom characters.

For example:
if you name a new animation, "attacksword1.skeleton" and your intent is for the character to swing an equipped weapon; this animation will only play while the character is unequipped. The reason being that the prefix "attack" tells the engine that the animation is for unarmed attacks. A proper sword swing would be called something like "Rslash1.skeleton".
See the list below for more details.

It breaks down pretty much like this:

Attack1.skeleton - unarmed attacks.
Bow1.skeleton - bow attacks.
Block_end.skeleton - the end of a blocking animation. Character goes from the blocking pose, back to the idle stance.
Block_loop.skeleton - the looping section of the animation.
Block_start.skeleton - the start of the blocking animation. Character goes from the idle pose, into the block pose
Crossbow1.skeleton - crossbows attacks.
Die1.skeleton - regular deaths.
Death_flight.skeleton - this is the first part of an animation for a knocked back death where the character flies back. Generally this animations goes from the character standing in the root idle pose, to the frame just before the contact with the ground.
Death_land.skeleton - this is the second part where it lands. The first frame of this animation is the very first frame where the character makes contact with the ground.
Fidget1.skeleton - this is a randomly played variation on the idle animation, such as a character looking around, or stretching.
Fishing_bite.skeleton - event animation when there's a bite on the line while fishing.
Fishing_cast.skeleton - the start of the fishing animation, casting the line out.
Fishing_catch.skeleton - end of the fishing animation event.
Fishing_idle.skeleton - the loop of the character fishing.
Hit.skeleton - the animation used for when a character reacts to getting hit.
Idle.skeleton - the single most important animation in a character set. 90% of all other animations branch from this because they use the pose at the start of the animation.
Lpistol1.skeleton - left handed pistol attacks.
Lslash1.skeleton - left handed melee weapon attacks.
Lwand1.skeleton - left handed wand attacks.
Polearm1.skeleton - All two handed weapon attacls.
Rifle1.skeleton - rifle attacks.
Rpistol1.skeleton - right handed pistol attacks.
Rslash1.skeleton - right handed melee weapons.
Run.skeleton - run animation.
Rwand1.skeleton - right handed wand attacks.
Spawn1.skeleton - animation used for spawning, like the zombies crawling out of the ground, or spiders coming out of the grates.
Special_****.skeleton - I use the prefix "Special_" for special moves that a character can do, just to keep it easier to remember and sort in the animation editor.
Stunned1.skeleton - the animation used for when a character is in a stunned state.
Walk.skeleton - the character's walk animation.

You may encounter some situations where animations aren't always numbered. Such as, "attack.skeleton" instead of "attack1.skeleton" and still have an "attack2.skeleton" that follows. The engine will see the name "attack.skeleton" and read "attack2.skeleton" as a variation of it. So when you are in game, it will choose randomly between them. For the sake of keeping it easy to recognize and remember, I try to always put a number on the end anyway.

Hope this helps!
If you have any more questions gang, feel free to send me a PM

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    Thank you for this :D
  • I have a further question that relates to this topic somewhat.

    What are the names of the bones used in the basic rigs for the three default classes? I don't have 3D Studio Max, and so I can't open the example files to discover what the bone names are.

    I ask, because it would probably be possible to rig models for use with those animated skeletons in Blender. Blender handles its bone weights through vertex groups, and you can assign bone weights to a basic mesh model without actually rigging it up to a skeleton. All you need to know is the names of the bones. If I knew the names of the bones in the basic rig, I could try to apply the default animations to a Blender model.

    (Naturally, the model in question would have to have the same basic proportions as the skeleton that you try to rig it to)
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    You could use blender as a substitute for 3DsMax, sometimes it proves more efficient. Also, the SKELETON files might be what you are looking for; I personally don't know though
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    to get the names of the bones, you can look in the animation editor, and select show bones. (something like that). a window will pop up and list all the bones.

    if your using blender, than use can use the OGRE tools to convert a game mesh and import it.
  • Thanks for this, i was wondering if it was possible to animate weapons and items
    ive tried adding both
    to the unit dat, but no luck

    Is there something I am doing wrong, or is it hard coded that weapons are static?
    If it is hard coded, could that possibly be changed in a patch? it would be nice to see some animated wands with bits flying arround :D

    Also, how about particle emitters on weapons and armour? (not the enchantment effects like ice damage, but for example smoking eyes on a helmet)
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  • EhbEhb Posts: 70
    Sabotender wrote:
    If it is hard coded, could that possibly be changed in a patch? it would be nice to see some animated wands with bits flying arround :D

    Also, how about particle emitters on weapons and armour? (not the enchantment effects like ice damage, but for example smoking eyes on a helmet)

    Yeah, I agree with this post. The more options the better when it comes to eye candy on weapons/equipment!
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