[Weapon] Warcraft Battle Axe with 13 Skins and Icons

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I made this model way back for warcraft 3 editor based off Blizzards Art Tools that they provided for 3dsMax users wanting to edit models for Warcraft 3 Editor. Blizzard Art Tools is still available. Anyways I have come up with away to import these back into 3dsMax and convert them for Torchlight after 3 weeks of trial and error.

Before anyone complains here is Blizzards policy:

Blizzard Entertainment supports the use of its game assets for educational purposes, and
you are welcome and encouraged to create a Production for a school project, master's
thesis, etc. All limitations above still apply to Productions created for educational

Taken from: http://www.wow-europe.com/en/community/ ... etter.html

EDIT: Here is the image of the model with all 12 skins. An extra Fire Axe skin is included in the file totaling 13.

Link Download Model

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  • Beautiful :mrgreen:
  • Nice =D
  • Nice models/textures. You should post this in "Art and Sound" or "Design" instead of "Mod Showcase" because this is no mod.
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    Hey. Added this mod to the Ultimate Modlist Thread Website. Let me know if you want the description to be changed by telling me in the Ultimate Modlist Thread or via PM (:

    ADDED FRIDAY, 11.12. - [WEAPON] Warcraft Battle Axe with 13 Skins and Icons
    I made this model way back for warcraft 3 editor based off Blizzards Art Tools
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    Why did you add this to the ultimate modlist site? It's not a mod ... just textures, icons and a mesh file. Someone could make a mod with it, but it's not usable yet. Are you adding a modder's resource section to the list?
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    Great stuff, looks really good but yes, should be in the Art section, since this isn't usable in game.

    Nice work tho!
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    Wouldn't the mod discussion thread be a good place for this, with [Modders Resource] as the prefix?

    Anyway, as a resource, these are very good indeed, very pretty, and I look forward to seeing them in game eventually. A nice resource to offer modders, this.
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    good job thx
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    Really good Job! *thumbsup*
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    oh those are great variations of battle axe ;)

    i love my hunting knife
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