Ranged weapons abuse?

UweUwe Posts: 96
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haha...i really enjoy these "abuses" you can make with ranged weapons



  • EsbenFEsbenF Posts: 11
    It's a ranged weapon - being able to shoot an enemy from a ledge above it hardly qualifies as abuse ;)

    *edit* Although if you use shift+click to shoot and hold the button, you can often shoot through corners & objects. Now that is abuse.
  • IrbisIrbis Posts: 251
    make a Alchemist and get Ember Lightining, then use it with shift and THEN you'll see a true abuse :D
    "Hey, sis... check this out!"
    "Where are your pants? OHMYGOD IS THAT A CACTUS?"
    "I'm almost to Ordrak... hold on... "
  • you want to know abuse? a 9200 dps rifle with 83 crit, +4 meters haste 11 and dervish 11 plus almost every item has bonus to movement and attack makes sonic look slow
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