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What skill does everyone end up using? I've seen Explosive Shot and the ricocheting shot talked about, but nothing definite.


  • explosive shot and the normal attack is your bread and butter
    then all the passives that benefit you

    some vanqs like to invest points in some traps
  • Use whatever you like. A typical fight for my Vanquisher: Buff Haste and or Dervish, Frost Pilum, Attack, Wind of Justice if they get close, run & repeat. There are many viable builds, you don't have to go straight explosive shot.
    I do suggest you get at least one skill or spell with a stun/slow/knock-back. Wind of Justice has saved me many times.
  • I wish it was more like D2 and you had to have >1 skill, but then again I'm sure once I get into the random dungeon I'll level up enough where I can switch between skills.
  • VostofVostof Posts: 48
    My level 50 Vanquisher now has both explosive shot and seeking shot. There are a number of mobs, like dragonkin, that have a high resistance to fire. Seeking shot works well on them. It's also good for shooting around a corner. I like having both skills available.
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