Game mods do not match those enabled when this character...

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Hello all,

I just downloaded TorchEd on steam and launched it just to see what it was like. The program opened, created a "my first mod" mod, and then I just closed it. So basically all I did was run the program, and then close it. Then I ran Torchlight, the game. At the character select screen, I have a warning aboce the "continue" button : "Game mods do not match those enabled when this character was last saved. Continue at your own risks".

I just don't understand anything to modding and so I don't understand why I suddenly have a mod activated in the game, since I did not specify that in TorchEd, or did anything else to enable any mod. So I suppose that just creating an empty mod in the editor is activating it in the game... but I don't see how I can deactivate that. I unchecked the "my first mod" mod in the menu "enable/disable mod" in TorchEd, but it does not change anything. When I open the mod editor and I chose to delete the "my first mod" mod, TorchEd then prompts a window asking me for a new folder name since it can't run without a mod being created...

How (the ****) can I just NOT have any mod activated ?

Thanks for your help !



  • Well, you don't have to worry, since you didn't add/change anything there is nothing to mess up your game. (Say you made a mod that added a custom item and you played and got it, then unloaded the mod, you'd lose that weapon, but I don't know if it would cause any other problems, I doubt it).

    But you can DL Torchleech, it's a mod loading/unloading program and you can 'unload it'. Anytime you make a save in the editor it loads it to the game. (that includes the 'new my mod folder')
  • Ok thanks. I was afraid it would somehow make my savegame incompatible with a "non mod" version of the game afterwards or something like that.
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    It automatically activates every mod folder in the directory.
    Since you had a mod folder, it activated that "mod", even though that mod did nothing, and as such gave you the warning that the mods activated have changed.
  • As long as you don't install any mods that blatantly conflict or remove any mods for maps you are currently in you can usually pretty safely ignore this message. Just backup your saves just in case.
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