bigger stash?

mattclark1000mattclark1000 Posts: 4
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is there a way to make the stash bigger? Like, thru a mod, maybe? And if so, is there a mod that already exists for this? sort of like, the D2 mod I have, in which the mods creator, has nearly TRIPLED the size of both the stash and the player's backpack.

If anyone wants to attempt this - since, I don't have the skill to do it - I have a few Ideas/suggestions (if this doesn't exist already):

- If you are going to only increase the stash, then you could just stretch it over the void area in the middle of the screen - then the stash covers 2/3 and the player covers
1/3 of the screen.
- If you want to increase all 3 (stash, pet, and player), you could stretch the player to cover the right half of the screen, and the Pet or the stash covering the left half of the screen.

I was just curious about this... :D since, i've been playing, and i'm starting to run out of space in both of them. (using one of them for gem/ember storage)
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