[MONSTERS] Champions Mod v1.06

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When the first adventurers arrived in Torchlight and fought their way to their goal, many of the creatures lurking under the once peaceful village felt shamed, as they had no champions within their ranks to challenge the brave heroes in combat.
To restore their honour, the various beasts vowed to find the strongest within their ranks. When more adventurers arrive in Torchlight, they will surely face the strongest warriors these creatures have to offer ...

Yeah, whatever.

As is the case with pretty much every Torchlight mod, take the mod directory called "Champions Mod" found within the zip file and place it in your mods directory.

This mod adds the following:
- a couple of enemy types
- champions for pretty much every enemy type
- bonuses to champions, mostly following the Diablo II schematic, with things like elementally enchanted stuff, stone skin, extra fast, etcetera
- added skills to some champions
- champions should now be immune to conversion/charm. Why this wasn't the case already eludes me to this day
- changed the map scrolls to a level 1-1000 range, so you don't always end up in the same tileset, such as the fortress when you previously took the level 15-30 map scroll

Note that I did not say "new enemy types." Considering they are basically just alterations of stuff already in the game, I don't feel I can call them "new" >_>

Download: http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/downlo ... ile&id=473
A video preview can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFoMTkvRSQw
Video preview of new stuff in version 1.01: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2w7H84oc_M
Video preview of new stuff in version 1.05: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efP7RSASuh8
Video preview of new stuff in version 1.06: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCLgn-XSNz8

**** characters are advised to be careful, I've found that some of this stuff can be kind of dangerous. Then again, I had 0 poison resistance at the end of the game on my test run ;)

The monsters will appear pretty much everywhere in the game, specifically the main dungeon, Hatch's portals, the standard map scroll dungeons, and the infinite dungeon. Version 1.02 of the Champions Mod will also affect the "challenge rooms" Runic Games added to Torchlight in the 1.15 patch for the game. Version 1.05 of the Champions Mod will also affect the little areas that Phase Beast portals lead to. If for whatever reason you don't want a certain dungeon to be affected, instructions are included to accomplish that.
While on this subject, this mod will inevitably conflict with anything that alters the normal dungeon files.

I guess I'll inevitably have to come back to this mod for balancing at some point or another - I certainly expect some of the random dungeon monster groups to not work out perfectly, for one, but I'll keep tweaking if necessary.


  • YAY for randomness!!! :lol:

    Great idea
  • Looks like a really good initiative to fix/improve several things I actually wanted to see in the game. I do however have some specific ideas what I want to change from the original (I am a semi-purist) so there are a few things I would rather not have in your mod.

    My opinion on your changes:
    - a couple of enemy types
    Not quite clear on what you actually did here if you don't feel like you can call them "new". Can you be a bit more specific on what types that has been added? As mentioned I am a bit of a purist so if its minor changes I can probably live with it but too big stuff probably would put me of from using it.
    - champions for pretty much every enemy type
    Love this one. Been annoyed by the fact that a limited amount of enemies seem to be able to become Champions.
    - bonuses to champions, mostly following the Diablo II schematic, with things like elementally enchanted stuff, stone skin, extra fast, etcetera
    A bit torn about this one. Taking inspiration from Diablo II makes it have some potential so think it could work but could easily make them overpowered.
    - added skills to some champions
    Would like some clarification on this one. What kind of skills? Might also make champions a bit overpowered depending on what skills it is.
    - champions should now be immune to conversion/charm. Why this wasn't the case already eludes me to this day
    Great change
    - added maps for all random dungeon types for the given level ranges. So if you now use, say, the level 15-30 map scroll, you can end up in any of the standard tilesets, rather than always finding yourself in the fortress
    Good change as well

    Hope you keep working on this mod and tweak it to perfection. Quite sure I will use it once I am bit more clear about the changes.
    Would probably use it directly if there was a way to use the mod without the added skills, added bonuses and added enemy types. Is that a possibility by perhaps removing one of your modified files or do I have to use all of them for the mod to work?
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    Well, first off, I didn't elaborate much on any specifics in case people want to be surprised. If you want you can try the video preview to get an impression as far as the added stuff is concerned.

    Simply removing a couple of files is probably not going to be sufficient to tailor this to your wishes. I guess I could make an alternate version, but that would certainly take some doing :P
    I might look into what it'd take to alter it to just add "normal" champion versions of the original Torchlight enemies, while retaining some minor stuff like no conversion on champions. Then you'd basically have Torchlight with greater champion variety but without anything special added. Might actually not take <i>too</i> much trouble, thinking about how I structured this stuff.

    At any rate, to supply you with some more specific information:
    Again, the video will show a lot of this, but here we go.

    Added enemy types include enemy versions of the Alchemist's golems and imps, scaled differently. I've thrown in unused enemies from the game, such as Cuddles (a troll meant to be a miniboss in the crypt section), Varkolyn Warriors and Dark Varkolyn, Corrupted Disciples, and an enemy version of Punchbag, a small troll enemy that originally does nothing and just has has a ton of HP. Also, there's the Dark Priestess, basically a Zealot with the "good zealot" skin (which is what Valeria uses), who doesn't have killer poison bolts and doesn't summon Enslaved, but has a decent bunch of spells to make up for that). You'll also find champion versions of these guys

    Added skills to champions for example means that champion Tu'Tara Oathmasters can actually heal, as per their description. Even though normal Oathmasters should be able to heal, they actually don't have the healing skill they were intended to have ¬_¬ Champion Elementals have added skills. The Ice one spams more Ice Meteors, the Fire one has an added fireball type and a modified version of Doomquake. Champion Grave Robbers can dig up more than just the basic unarmed Skeleton. Champion Goblin Mages have Hexfire Potion, which is the name used in-game for Pyre. Modified it a bit, though.
    There's a few more, but this should give you an idea.
  • Thanks for the explanation. Hope I have not been too much trouble for you ;)
    When knowing a bit more exactly what changes you made it seems like you expanded on the original rather then added new stuff onto it.
    Think this is a great mod to have to add some more randomness to the game and some extra challenge.

    You wont be needing to make a separate version if you ask me (not now when I understood the changes better).
    Thanks for your time and for the mod, will return here if I find anything to report about it.
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    Well, I can understand your concerns, since I personally don't use mods that make any major changes. Most of the mods I use are mostly or purely cosmetic in nature.

    At any rate, I've been looking over everything, and I should be able to make a trimmed-down version without it taking a ridiculous amount of time. So if there's ever a demand for a more straightforward version that stays as close to the original Torchlight as possible, I should be able to fill said demand :)
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    This mod sounds awesome and I'd love to play it, but unfortunately Torchleech has found a few mod conflicts with some other mods I rather enjoy and don't really want to uninstall.

    More Maps - your mod seems to do the same thing as this one, so I'm guessing this one would no longer be necessary and can be simply uninstalled?

    Shadow Vault +: media\dungeons\randomdungeonpool.dat - I tried looking at the conflicting files to see if I could merge the changes from both, but it's beyond me.

    Unearthed Evil: media\dungeons\main.dat - same problem as the previous mod, but the conflicting files are even larger. I have no idea how to go about merging them. :?

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could combine these conflicting files I can use all these mods together.
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    Well, I don't use any of those mods so the degree to which I can post something meaningful here might be pretty limited, but oh well.

    More Maps - your mod seems to do the same thing as this one, so I'm guessing this one would no longer be necessary and can be simply uninstalled?

    Depends on your definition of them doing the same thing, as I see two likely differences (again, don't have the mod, so I'm making a few assumptions here based on its description).

    Originally I just added map scrolls along the same structure that the already available use. This works fine for me since I almost never use maps and it was a relatively minor thing I just thought to implement. It wasn't long before a friend mentioned that the almost thirty generic maps added this way make it far less likely for map scrolls to dungeons people designed to show up. I didn't really consider this because I basically never use them >_>
    Anyway, I scrapped that structure. Now instead, I changed the original seven map scrolls and the dungeon files they reference to to be available and accessible to levels 1-1000. This approach adds zero maps to the pool and should thus avoid the problem mentioned. So basically I tossed the entire idea of tying level ranges to these things out of the window, and now anyone can access any of the seven dungeon types at any level (unless someone has a mod that makes them able to level up to 1.000.000 or something :) ). Reading the description of the mod you mentioned, this is a different approach to achieving roughly the same goal.

    The other thing is that that mod was put up by one of the Runic guys. That makes it easy for me to assume that they lead to dungeons with the standard spawnclasses. Mine, however, lead to dungeons that have altered spawnclasses (to make the added champions and whatnot show up).
    ... I could make a small separate mod for dungeons with the standard spawnclasses if people like my approach but want it outside of the scope of this mod, I guess.

    Shadow Vault +: media\dungeons\randomdungeonpool.dat - I tried looking at the conflicting files to see if I could merge the changes from both, but it's beyond me.

    Well, I said it would inevitably conflict with anything that alters the already existing dungeon files :P
    That mod does a bunch of things to that file. Mine changes the spawnclasses it references to, again, make the added champions show up and that kind of thing. Without knowing the structure of what that mod does the only suggestion I have to possibly make them both work at the same time is to change the spawnclasses to the non-boss floors that are in that mod to the spawnclasses I used that are appropriate to that tileset.
    ... That would make the mods sort of cross-reference each other and I honestly have no idea whether that would work out. I've certainly never tried anything like that >_>

    Unearthed Evil: media\dungeons\main.dat - same problem as the previous mod, but the conflicting files are even larger. I have no idea how to go about merging them.

    That's the file for the main dungeon, so again, the same type of conflict I said would happen, and again for the same reasons. Could try cross-referencing again if you want to try having both mods work by either altering the spawnclasses in his main.dat to reflect mine and then deleting mine, or adding his stuff to my main.dat (I assume his new stuff is at the end of the file which would make it easy to find) and then deleting his main.dat. But again, I have no idea whether that would work out in a good way >_> Such alterations should definitely have a "proceed at your own risk" sign accompanying them :P

    I don't know whether any of that helps, but at least I was able to elaborate on the conflicts >_> <_<
  • Been playing with your mod for a few hours now and I am really liking it. You defiantly notice how more types of monsters have the ability to become champions.
    As you know I was worried about the bonuses and skills being added to the champions but seeing them in-game has convinced me its a good change. To be totally honest I didn't really notice them until I started looking more carefully at their descriptions and attacks. I think that is a good thing as it looks and feels natural, as if it was there all along. So think you did a great job with this mod.

    Will defiantly have to be more careful in HC now. Some of them new champions I have meet have been deadly.
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    Well, I'm glad to hear that the things you were concerned about didn't end up ruining it for you :)

    And yeah, as I mentioned, some of them can be kind of dangerous, heh. For example, personally I was pretty sure I'd die to the first Elemental champion I would encounter, and that's exactly what happened. Of course, it was a Poison Elemental, and as I mentioned I sort of lacked poison resistance on my test run.

    If you ever run into something that seems ridiculously overpowered rather than just say, strong, dangerous, or challenging, feel free to let me know. It being perfectly balanced right off the bat is pretty much impossible. Especially without access to a horde of playtesters :P And who knows how this stuff will work out at say level ninety >_>
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    Hey. Added this mod to the Ultimate Modlist Thread Website. Let me know if you want the description to be changed by telling me in the Ultimate Modlist Thread or via PM (:

    [MONSTERS] Champions Mod
    More different random champions, new bonuses etc, check the thread.
    Looking for mods? Complete mod-list: http://sites.google.com/site/ultimatemodlistwiki/
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    Updated. Mostly some technical and cosmetic changes, tweaked a skill here, changed a scale here, restructured this one thing, did something to this other thing. You probably won't even notice any of it, honestly.

    Oh, and I may have added
    a few enemies, such as the Brood Mother, a spider that spawns small spider hatchlings. You probably will notice this, heh.

    Considered making Brood Mother champions spawn normal Brood Mothers instead of the spiderlings, but figured that that might be overkill :P

    Video preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2w7H84oc_M
    Edit: Added link to a video showing what I mentioned in the spoilers section. The link itself is in the spoilers section as well, if you were wondering. Also adding it to the opening post.
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    I just wanted to say thanks for creating this great mod. Having more than a couple basic affixes in the pool for champions was something I wanted since Torchlight was released, and I was going to add what was missing myself...but you beat me to it! I love how this makes each individual champion seem more unique and challenging :D.

    A few questions though: Are you planning on adding any more affixes, or is the mod essentially complete? I'm also curious if it's possible to vary the number of affixes per difficulty level- that could give very hard mode a whole new meaning :twisted: .
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    This sounds like an awesome mod and I look forward to giving it a shot in the near future!
    Just 2 questions! Does it support the lastest version of torchlight v1.15?
    Does it conflict with other mods?
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    Does it support the lastest version of torchlight v1.15?

    I assume it does since I don't believe there were any changes that may **** this up, but I can't say with 100% certainty as I don't have 1.15. It does inherently solve the "being slaughtered by Zealot Lightning" issue, though >_>
    (more on that next question)

    Does it conflict with other mods?

    Well, certainly :P I already mentioned that it will inevitably conflict with anything that touches the dungeon files for the main dungeon, infinite dungeon, random dungeons, and Hatch's portals, and as Jupiah mentioned it does indeed conflict with Shadow Vault + and Unearthed Evil, which both do just that.

    Also, it sort of conflicts with zebramatt's Zealot Rebalance, although not in a bad way. Basically, mine changed Zealot Lightning to do damage since when I put it on the Dark Priestess I noticed that it didn't do any damage.
    Later, when the 1.15 patch made it do somewhat insane damage rather than no damage, one of the changes in zebramatt's Zealot Rebalance is to change the damage on it.
    In the end, although both change the same file, they both end up doing roughly the same thing. Make it do some damage. It's just that my point was to make it do some damage rather than none, and zebramatt's point was to make it do some damage rather than a ton.
    Honestly in the end if you use both it doesn't matter which Zealot Lightning gets used, since both are much more reasonable than Runic's 1.15 interpretation.

    Are you planning on adding any more affixes, or is the mod essentially complete?

    I'm certainly still going to do something with it, though I wasn't planning on adding more affixes. If I happen to get a good idea for one, however, odds are good that I'll add it :P
    It's an annoying process, however. See, what happens is not that a champion appears and it randomly gets an affix assigned to it. Because I don't think I can make the game work that way, heh. What actually happens is that I've made multiple versions of each champion, each with a different affix (or sometimes multiple). Now, when the game generates a champion, I've first made it randomly select from a number of different creature types, and then it randomly chooses one from the say ten different ones I've made for that creature type.
    So if I wanted to add an affix, I'd basically have to create an additional champion with that affix for every single enemy type that has applicable champions, and than add all those new champions to the relevant spawnclasses. Sadly, it's not as easy as creating a new trait and having the game randomly assign it to a base champion, because that's simply not how it works.

    That also makes the difficulty suggestion a problem. If I could just make the game assign them, I would totally have made it do, say, two random affixes per champ on Hard and three on Very Hard or something to that effect. However, it's on the monsters, rather than some game system, and there's no way to change what difficulties certain monsters spawn on.
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    Well I used it with the mods I have installed with no problems its very fun and I had a great time killing that oversized mech golem lol.
    BTW how did you make those huge widow spiders purple?
    Also do you think you can make the green spiders different colors? They are boring just as green I would like to see a rainbow of colors such as red,orange yellow and blue seeing green and purple are in your mod :)!
    Awesome job so far I really have enjoyed these fights this far keep up the great work!
    When I say rain I don't mean the spiders to be rainbow I mean each single spider has its own color red,orange,yellow,green,blue and purple maybe even white and brown would make interesting colors as well but a bit hard to see in many dungeons :)!
    Maybe glowing eyes haha well its up to you just throwing out suggestions now :)!
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    BTW how did you make those huge widow spiders purple?

    It's just a different texture that's already in the game. There's about half a dozen different textures/colours/whatever if you look around in the directory that contains the spider stuff. I've just used the remaining ones for different enemy types, so now outside of the Shadow Recluse and Tunnel Spider you now have Preying Spiders and Widowmakers, which are just modified Shadow Recluses with one of those other textures applied, and Brood Mothers, which are modified Tunnel Spiders with the other texture (normally used for Tunnel Spider champions) applied.

    Right now I have a pet Brood Mother for the Crouching Pet, Hidden Beast mod that I'm testing for balance :P

    So at any right, it's just something that's available already. I'm not a wiz at using graphical stuff, so I can't really just make ten more colours in a snap or something >_>
    Technically I could put in the other colours for the normal spiders, but I'd rather not for two reasons:
    A) one is used for the pet Shadow Recluse, if you feed your pet a Web Fish. Using that might make it hard to distinguish which one is your pet and which ones are hostile. There are ways around that, such as scaling them so that their size alone is enough to tell them apart, which is mostly what I did with the stuff in Crouching Pet, Hidden Beast.
    B) I'm using the remaining one for a pet Preying Spider in Crouching Pet, Hidden Beast >_>

    At any rate, in v1.01 you should already be seeing more "normal" spiders because of the Preying Spider and Widowmaker, though admittedly they aren't as common as the Shadow Recluse.

    I still have some ideas for this mod, but right now I want to finish the Brood Mother pet first :P
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    Well whatever you can do no big deal :)!
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    I wasn't planning on doing an update right now, but I finally bothered to grab the 1.15 patch, and decided to make the Champions Mod affect the new "challenge rooms" that were added in 1.15.
    So, that's the most significant change in v1.02 - greater champion variety and the added enemy types in the new "challenge rooms."

    Other changes are present, but it's mostly minor stuff no-one will notice. The ones that are worth mentioning, though:
    - Cosmetic fixes to champion spider enemies
    - Changed Brood Mother behaviour
    - Mana Burn on Troll champions works now. Though technically only Rock Troll champions can have Mana Burn, but oh well.
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    Another update, although mostly cosmetic. I made notes, though, so I can list all kinds of specifics >_>

    So, it's basically the spawnclass and cosmetics update.

    On the cosmetics side, well, originally I just wanted to make the Dark Priestess a bit more awesome by giving her a more fitting weapon. That, and I imagine that the average Torchlight player flies into a blind rage at the sight of a Zealot Polearm ;)
    ... I ended up distributing new weapons to a bunch of enemies who use weapons and are either new enemy types, or champions of enemy types that did not have champions before. Specifically, to
    Corrupted Disciple
    Corrupted Disciple Champion
    Darkelf Warrior
    Darkelf Warrior Champion
    Blood Disciple Champion
    Tu'Tara Shieldsnapper Champion
    Tu'Tara Edgebreaker Champion
    Tu'Tara Warcutter Champion
    Dark Priestess
    Dark Priestess Champion
    Stabber Pygmy Champion
    Skeleton Archer Champion
    Skeleton Knight Champion
    Dwarven Wight Champion
    Soulless Cutter Champion
    On spawnclasses, I made modified drops for many of the new enemy types and for a bunch of the champions of enemy types who originally didn't have any champions. You may have already noticed that some champions had non-standard drops, such as champion Burrowers, Elementals, Grave Diggers, and Wisps.
    A list of non-standard drops in case anyone cares:
    Embergear Golem
    Drops gold or socketable

    Embershard Golem
    Drops gold or Chaos Gem

    Embergear Golem Champion
    Modified champion drop, guaranteed to drop a socketable

    Burrower Champion
    Only drops socketables
    Already had this drop since the original release

    Corrupted Disciple
    Can only drop Polearms as weapons

    Corrupted Disciple Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Polearms as weapons

    Cuddles & Huggles
    Changed from standard champion drop to Troll champion drop
    (which effectively just means they can drop a Juggernaut Mace)

    Darkelf Warrior
    Can only drop Polearms as weapons

    Darkelf Warrior Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Polearms as weapons

    Disciple Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Polearms as weapons

    Infernum, Froidier, Dokueki, Shan Dian (Elemental Champions)
    Drops amulets, rings, socketables, spells, consumables
    Already had this drop since the original release

    Grave Robber Champion
    Drops amulets, rings, socketables, spells, consumables
    Already had this drop since the original release

    Tu'Tara Warcutter Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Swords, Axes, and Shields as weapons, Necklaces as trinkets, Helms, Gloves, and Belts as armour

    Tu'Tara Shieldsnapper Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Bows as weapons, Necklaces as trinkets, Shoulders, Gloves, and Belts as armour

    Tu'Tara Edgebreaker Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Polearms as weapons, Necklaces as trinkets, Shoulders, Gloves, and Belts as armour

    Tu'Tara Oathmaster Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Shoulders, Gloves, and Belts as armour. Drops no weapons. Increased chances of dropping spells, scrolls, trinkets.

    Crawler Champion
    Modified champion drop, guaranteed to drop a socketable

    Dark Priestess
    Modified standard drop, can only drop Staves as weapons, Gloves as armour. Increased chances of dropping spells, scrolls, trinkets, socketables

    Dark Priestess Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Staves as weapons, Gloves as armour. Increased chances of dropping spells, scrolls, trinkets.

    Pygmy stabber Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Polearms as weapons, Helms, Gloves, Boots, Belts as armour

    Ratlin Champion
    Only drops gold
    Already had this drop since the original release

    Skelly Archer Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Bows as weapons

    Skelly Knight Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Swords and Shields as weapons, Helms and Shoulders as armour

    Can only drop spells
    Already had this drop since the original release

    Small Troll Champion
    Troll Champion drop
    Already had this drop since the original release

    Dwarven Wight Champion
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Swords, Axes, and Maces as weapons

    Soulless Cutter
    Modified champion drop, can only drop Axes as weapons

    Only drops socketables
    Already had this drop since the original release
    While on the subject of spawnclasses, fixed a couple of issues with spawnclasses.

    While playing, noticed a few enemies with incorrect drops. Fixed them for this update. Specifically, the Skeleton Archer Champions had the same drop as normal Skeleton Archers. Darkelf Warriors had no drop whatsoever >_>
    (Darkelf Warrior Champions had the intended drop. Only normal Darkelf Warriors had no drop at all)

    Fixed an issue where sometimes it would spawn a group of Varkolyn Dark consisting of nothing but champions in the Tu'Tara Caverns. While great for your experience and fame, this was certainly not intended >_>

    Unrelated to spawnclasses, toyed around with the value on Mana Burn and Stone Skin.

    Changed Brood Mother behaviour some more :P
    And there might be a rare champion lurking about in Sunken Ruins areas.
    That's just hearsay, though. Wouldn't worry too much about it.
  • TormakSaberTormakSaber Posts: 536
    And there might be a rare champion lurking about in Sunken Ruins areas.
    That's just hearsay, though. Wouldn't worry too much about it.

    :O I'm in Estheria now on my Vanquisher run...!
  • VelariVelari Posts: 376
    Ah, don't worry. Some drunk probably just saw a rat down there *shrug*
  • VelariVelari Posts: 376

    Or something.

    Yeah, mostly cosmetic again, adding skins for added enemy types and new champions. You may have noticed that in many cases I used unused skins, and in cases where there were no unused skins, a champion is basically just a larger version of the normal enemy. I wanted champions to be a bit more apparent in this scenario, and thus, new skins. Well, mostly recolours, since I'm not exactly a wiz at graphical applications :P but it should get the job done.
    And yes, expect a SUPER DUPER ULTRA SKIN UPDATE *cough* for Crouching Pet, Hidden Beast soon ;)
    My personal favourite, and the most time consuming, is giving the Dark Priestess black hair. Enemy Dark Priestesses have purple hairclips to match their armour, the Crouching Pet, Hidden Beast pet Dark Priestess will have golden hairclips.
    ... But then again, the Dark Priestess has always been my personal favourite *shrug*

    At any rate, version 1.04 changelog, commencing:

    Finally found how to have a champion show a given name rather than a random one
    Adjusted Punisher (Small Troll champion) speed
    Changed Elemental Chaos (Wisp champion) size, behaviour, description, removed its blink ability
    Changed Elemental Chaos minions spawnclass
    Lowered Deathcaster elemental damage bonuses
    Changed minions spawnclass for rare enemy champion added in 1.03
    Changed Grave Digger champion behaviour
    Changed Brood Mother behaviour

    Added skins for the following enemies:
    Embergear Golem
    Embershard Golem
    Embergolem champion
    Dust Imp
    Dust Imp champion
    Infernal Imp champion
    Burrower champion
    Felwing champion
    Tattered Lurker champion
    Blood Disciple champion
    Corrupted Disciple champion
    Ember Mycon champion
    Goblinhound champion
    Pygmy Stabber champion
    Darkelf Warrior champion
    Watcher Geist champion
    Crawler champion
    Ratlin champion
    Skellie champion
    Wight champion
    Skellie Archer champion
    Skellie Knight champion
    Preying Spider
    Preying Spider champion
    Widowmaker champion
    Brood Mother (second Tunnel Spider spiderling uses the same skin)
    Brood Mother champion
    Dwarven Wight champion
    Soulless Cutter champion
    Varkolyn champion
    Varkolyn Dark champion
    Varkolyn Warrior champion
    Dark Priestess (black hair, purple hairbands)
    Dark Priestess champion (two variations)
    Corrupted Shamblie champ
    Shamblie champ
    Ember Thrall champ
    ... I am receptive to requests to change any of these if a lot of people don't like the looks of a particular enemy/champ now :P
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    edited April 2010
    So, some time ago it occurred to me that I could post a list describing the traits champions can have with this mod. Seems especially useful to people who haven't played Diablo II (you can find the Diablo II equivalents, here, if you're interested: http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/mo ... onus.shtml ). I just never got around to it :P

    Now, here I'll be posting said list, and also describing other changes, such as the added enemies. I recommend against reading up on the enemies if you haven't been up against them, though, as it kinda spoils things, obviously.

    Champion traits:
    - Amplify Damage
    Champion has the Amplify Damage skill. Amplify Damage is a modified version of the Destroyer's Spectral Decay skill. It has one level, and the knockback and stun have been removed. Stun doesn't work on the player character, anyway.
    In short, it can cast Amplify Damage, and when you're affected by Amplify Damage, you take increased physical damage for ten seconds.

    - Defensive
    Champion receives an armour bonus.
    Champion receives a 25% chance to block attacks. Don't worry, Defensive does not appear on enemies who already block a ton such as Skeleton Warriors and Tu'Tara Warcutters.

    - Critical Strikes
    Champion has increased chance to score critical hits.
    Champion does reduced damage on critical hits to balance this out and not make it too crazy.

    - Extra Strong
    Champion does double damage. This is basically what already appears in standard Torchlight on Construct champions.

    - Extra Fast
    Champion has increased movement and attack speed.

    - Mana Burn
    Champion drains your mana on physical attacks.

    - Magic Resistant
    Champion has increased resistances to fire, ice, and lightning.

    - Unshakable
    Champion is immune to knockback, flee, interrupts, stun, charm, and slow. Note that with the Champions Mod, all champions are immune to charm by default.

    - Stone Skin
    Champion receives an armour bonus.
    Champion takes reduced damage from attacks.

    - Fire Enchanted
    Champion appears with the 'burning' theme.
    Champion applies 'burning' theme to targets on physical attacks. This is just graphical and does not cause damage unless the standard chance to cause burning on fire damage happens to proc.
    Standard damage is modified to do less physical, but get increased fire damage instead.
    Champion receives a bonus to fire damage.
    Champion has increased fire resistance.
    Champion has the Champ Inferno skill. This is a modified version of Gel Inferno, and basically causes fire damage in a small radius around the champion when used.

    - Lightning Enchanted, Cold Enchanted, Venom Enchanted
    See Fire Enchanted and replace elemental stuff, and ignore Champ Inferno.
    Other changes:
    Lightning Enchanted champions emit shocks on striking them, to mimic the incredibly annoying charged bolts on being struck from Diablo II.
    Cold Enchanted champions reduce your attack speed, movement speed, and cast speed for two seconds on a physical attack.
    Venom Enchanted enemies release poison gas on death (like Corrupted Shamblers), and have the Poison Spell skill. This is a modified version of the Poison Cloud spell.

    - Spectral Hit
    Champion does vastly reduced physical damage but gains bonus fire, ice, lightning, and poison damage on standard attacks.
    Champion has increased resistances to fire, ice, and lightning.
    List of added enemy types:
    - Embergear Golems
    Small melee golems, overall kinda slow and not very threatening. This is mostly because they can appear on the first level and you don't want the player to get slaughtered at that point :P

    - Embershard Golems
    Small ranged golems with a beam attack. Beam attack is 75% electric, 25% fire damage.
    No champion version.

    - Brood Mother
    Spider enemy, can spawn small spiderlings.

    - Corrupted Disciples
    Much alike the Blood Disciples, but not as organised and do not possess a charge attack.

    - Cuddles & Huggles
    Based on an unused enemy with the name "cryptminiboss" and the display name "Cuddles." Interesting :P
    They are Troll champions.

    - Darkelf Warrior
    Based on the guy who accompanies Alric and you at some point fight where he carries the title "Shade." Has a slowing ability, although it's used somewhat rarely.

    - Depth Dweller
    Based on the unused Leviathan boss, the Depth Dweller is a rare champion that can spawn in Sunken Ruins tileset areas. It has varies smash attacks that cause shockwaves, and can fire frost arrows that will damage and slow targets.

    - Dust Imps
    Bigger versions of the Alchemist's Imps, somewhat fast but not too threatening.

    - Dark Priestess
    What the entire mod is about. The Dark Priestess is awesome and she also causes Dark Zealots to spawn slightly less :P
    The Dark Priestess is an enemy caster focusing on lightning and poison. She uses various beam and lightning blast attacks, the modified Poison Cloud mentioned earlier, Ice Meteor, and a heal skill that targets Corrupted Disciples, Blood Disciples, Darkelf Warriors, Dark Zealots, and Dark Priestesses.

    - Punisher
    A Champion Small Troll based on the unused Punchbag. Due to his smaller stature Punisher is much faster than the average Troll.

    - Deathcaster
    The Deathcaster is a rare caster Champion who can summon and resurrect skeletons, and specialises in elemental magic, projectiles mostly. Plus a little emphasis on poison with for example the modified Poison Cloud spell. The little "Powerful Spellcaster" blurb in the description is there with a reason - Deathcasters have a bonus to their elemental spellcasting antics. Facing one without decent resistances is risky.

    - Preying Spider
    An aggressive spider with higher movement speed, an increased crit chance, and a dash attack.

    - Widowmaker
    A slower but tougher spider. Their basic attacks are 100% poison based, making armour nowhere near as useful in mitigating their attacks.

    - Varkolyn Dark
    An unused type of Varkolyn, the Varkolyn Dark are tougher but nowhere near as common as the Varkolyn you'd usually hear the townfolk of Torchlight complaining about.

    - Varkolyn Warrior
    Another unused type of Varkolyn, these guys are tough little buggers and can take a good deal of damage. Don't blame me, blame Runic - I didn't change anything about them :P
    And, finally, champions who are special in some way or differ from their normal counterparts:
    - Corrupted Disciple champion
    Contrary to standard Corrupted Disciples, these guys have a dash attack.

    - Darkelf Warrior champion
    Darkelf Warrior champions have access to a minor haste spell.

    - Shan Dian (Lightning Elemental champion)
    Has two additional AOE lightning spells.

    - Infernum (Fire Elemental champion)
    Has an additional Fireball skill, and the skill Infernum Quake, a modified version of the Destroyer's Doomquake.

    - Froidier (Ice Elemental champion)
    Has two different Ice Meteor skills, making him spam them a lot more :)

    - Dokueki (Poison Elemental champion)
    Has an additional poison projectile attack, and the modified Poison Cloud spell.

    - Goblin Chanter champion
    Has a modified version of the Alchemist's Pyre skill.

    - Flayer Shaman (Pygmy Shaman champion)
    Has a huge fireball stream attack. This is an obvious reference :P Though it's more obvious now since their name now actually appears as "Flayer Shaman" rather than something drawn from the random name pool. Could have called him Witchdoctor Endugu *shrug*
    There are more references in champion names, by the way, and now that they actually appear in-game I guess people will finally see them without having to crack open the files :P

    - Grave Robber champion
    Have various additional dig up d00ds skills, depending on which champion it is. In addition to the standard Skeletons, they may be able to dig up Zombies with life steal, Corrupted Shamblers, Pale Shamblers, Skeleton Archers, Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Knights, and Blood Skeletons. I should modify the stats on those Blood Skeletons some day, though.

    - Tu'Tara Oathmaster champion
    These guys have their heal skill assigned. Yeah, even though the description for Oathmasters says that they heal stuff, they actually don't have a heal skill assigned, even though there is a skill called "LizardmanHealFriends" in the game. Whoops, oversight :P Not surprisingly, it targets all four types of Tu'Tara.
    It's not the only oversight in the game, obviously. For example, Pygmy Shamans are supposed to cast fire as per their description, but they only toss silly poison **** *shrug*

    - Dark Priestess champion
    Because they are awesome, they have more spells, including a slowing skill and Medea's nasty lightning orbs. Be happy, originally they had way more awesome stuff including Alric's Shadow Dragon thing :P

    - Elemental Chaos (Wisp champion)
    Has a mix of the various Wisp abilities. I removed the teleport ability (from I believe the Estherian Shade) recently because it caused some issues. Mainly that Elemental Chaos's appearance would sometimes change into that of whatever Wisp normally uses it. It's a temporary thing, it'll revert back, so it wasn't a major issue, but obviously it's weird and can be confusing :P

    Lastly, some champions have an Enrage skill similar to that of the Deathwalker Battlemaster.
    Here's a list of them, plus what targets their version of Enrage affects.
    - King of Ages (Spectre champion)
    Skeletal Archer, Skeletal Warrior, Skeleton, Zombie
    - Infernal Imp (Imp champion)
    Dust Imp
    - Skeleton Commander (Skeleton Knight champion)
    Skeletal Archer, Skeletal Warrior, Skeleton
    - Blightfire Claw (Varkolyn Warrior champion)
    Varkolyn, Varkolyn Dark, Varkolyn Warrior
    - Tu'Tara Healer (Tu'Tara Oathmaster champion) (I'll change his name to Spirit Healer or something, Healer is too basic :P )
    Tu'Tara Shieldsnapper, Tu'Tara Edgebreaker, Tu'Tara Warcutter
    Maybe this is helpful or interesting to someone :P
  • goro3dgoro3d Posts: 277
    So this is a mod update?
    If so I'll update :)!
  • VelariVelari Posts: 376
    No, it's just a description for anyone who might be interested. The latest version is still 1.04 ;)
  • goro3dgoro3d Posts: 277
    What I meant is I have an earlier version so I'll replace it with this one :)!
  • goro3dgoro3d Posts: 277
    Any new updates coming soon?
  • SeerSeer Posts: 2,445
    goro3d wrote:
    Any new updates coming soon?

    This is one of THE BEST and must have mods for Torchlight.I started playing my rifleman/summoner alchemist with this mod and im amazed by the variety of new champions and enemies.Keep up the good work I'm sure everyone hopes you expand this mod even more!
  • VelariVelari Posts: 376
    Well, there certainly will be an update at some point. I certainly still have a couple of ideas that I've wanted to try and implement for a while. I just haven't gotten around to it. May have something to do with me picking up League of Legends just about around the time of the last update :P

    And thanks for the kind words, Seer ;)
  • goro3dgoro3d Posts: 277
    I look froward to taking out new champions they are fun to fight and a fun and awesome mod keep up the wonderful work!!!
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