Broken firing angles?

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Apologies if something along these lines has been posted before, but the searching I did didn't yield anything else.

Others MUST have noticed how firing angles are unpredictable with spells, yes? With the normal ranged attack, you can shoot up or down bridges or ledges (and in some cases, as in another thread, shoot things above or below your line of sight), but with e.g. the Ricochet spell it's impossible for me to predict when I will be able to make a shot and when I won't. I'm on level 17 of the Shadow Vault and am sick of dying because the archer MOB's are able to attack me on a bridge while my shots are bouncing off of an unrealistic spot or are not even being aimed at the targeted MOB, instead shooting off to the side of the bridge or platform, even on relatively flat bridges.

/cool story bro

Are there any ranged spells that act right? I can't keep using the basic attack at this point in the game because it allows enemies to get too close, and even the splash damage from the exploding shot spell doesn't seem to affect enemies that are not at the same elevation.


  • My rifle can shoot farther than the edge of the screen, so I don't have a problem with missing people. Explosive Shot will hit people way above/below me sometimes, but its never glitched in a bad way.
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    I use Ricochet and find that if I stand on the edge of the bridge or top of the stairs I can shoot down at enemies (or reversed, I can shoot up) but once I get on the bridge/stairs it's iffy, especially if the monsters haven't crossed onto the bridge yet. For me though this just adds challenge to the game as I really wouldn't like to just blindly point and shoot the entire time. It does annoy me though when small objects on the ground such as low gates or rocks obstruct the ricochet shot, when clearly I'm taller than these objects and the gun should fire over them. I just always make sure the path behind me is clear so I have enough room to step back a few paces and continue shooting.

    I dislike how your pet doesn't aggro the monsters though. What's the use of having a pet for a ranged attacker if the monsters skip the pet and come directly at you?
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