Level 33

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I am stuck here, i think i need an object or something to advance, but don't know what it is. Help

Is there a manual available?


  • check your quest objective?

    The level are more or less randomized so a step by step guide is sort of useless. In any way, in the default campaign they all usually involve getting to the end of the level in one piece or defeating the end of level boss, it's not too complicated really.

    Maybe a screenshot to show where you are or some hints about the quest objective would help who's trying to help. I finished the main campaign some time ago now, dun really remember how every single level went.
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    Lv33 is pretty close to end game. I don't think there are any more "find the object to continue" quests after the Runes thingy in the .... Ruins...


    Anyway, try to walk along the edges of the map, sometimes there's a staircase that's hard to see, or a rising platform that only appears when you're right at the edge.
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