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I've been working on a character model lately which is inspired by the Torchlight style and world. She's a kick **** female pirate captain called Trenelle! (I thought, seeing as the game seems to be set in a Steampunk-y world circa 1800s, pirates might well fit in :) )

At the moment she's still in T-pose and doesn't have her trusty cutlass with her yet, but I was wondering whether anyone would be able to give me any critique on the modelling or texturing of the character before I move on to finishing off some props and posing her? (this is only my first attempt at painting a texture for a character like this, so its been a big learning curve)



I won't spam this thread with a ton of images, but here are links to a couple more that are related:

- Wireframes: ... ikivic.jpg

- Turnarounds of the model: ... ikivic.jpg

Once she's done I'd be happy to make the model available to the community if people wanted to use her in a mod. She's relatively high poly for a Torchlight-inspired model at just over 2300 tris, but I would have thought that would still be OK on most PCs. She uses one 512 colour texture and one 512 alpha at the moment, but if the textures needed reducing in size or simplifying for her to stand out better from a distance I'd be happy to tweak them :) The only problem is I'm not an animator, so I would only be able to supply the model and textures, not do anything else :oops:

Anyway, I'm not holding out my hopes for anyone wanting to use a random model I made in a mod of the game! But yes, if anyone has any comments about her in general they would be gratefully received (frank comments are fine - I have developed a thick skin for crit over the last couple of years ;) )
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    It's looking pretty good. It'd be nice to see a wireframe and see how you're using all those polys. The texture does a pretty good job of keeping with the somewhat flat shaded style of TL's characters, but I think you can probably push the detail on the clothing a bit and clean up some of the really thick black lines on everything. Right now they are very uniform. Playing a bit with line weight will help push the depth a bit more. :)

    Keep at it!

    Edit: I just looked at your blog and saw the wireframe. The model is pretty clean, but I noticed quite a few edge loops that you could probably remove without losing your character's silhouette
  • I think this is really cool, if you did all that by yourself you're really skilled! I love the candy-like look of her dress and everything just looks like it would blend in perfectly with the rest of the TL characters. If I didn't know otherwise I'd think this looks like a character for a TL expansion. Really well done

    EDIT: checked the other pics and noticed that the her dreadlocks is actually part of the mesh. That probably is one of the things that is raising your poly count; perhaps you could make a lower poly version for TL by turning her hair into texture instead.
    Would be cool to have this as a playable character but I figure that tweaking it for it to be compatible with all the armor pieces and such would take an eternity.
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    Nickity - thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated :D (I really like the layout of your portfolio website actually, I've bookmarked it to pore over in more detail with a cuppa). I'm amassing a list of tweaks to try out on the texture file so I will note down to try and reduce or vary some of the areas that are looking like big dark lines. Detail-wise, I was trying to come up with a level of detail that would work if you were viewing the character in a game (i.e. about this size, if you'd zoomed the camera in a bit --> ) therefore was trying to keep the details on her clothes fairly large. However, I guess thinking like that falls down when you're potentially using a character as a portfolio piece, which will predominantly be viewed up-close :oops: (well, we live and learn...)

    Maybe I should look over my mesh again and try to remove some more polys, but in general for my personal work I prefer to concentrate on as good a topology flow as I can manage along with (hopefully) a decent level of efficiency, rather than the uber-optimisation that might be needed for some games. If anyone wanted me to reduce her poly count down for use in a mod then I'd be happy to have a crack at it though ;)

    VenomousRacoonKing - thanks for the input! :D Oh yeah, I guess she wouldn't work as a player character, I was thinking if she was used in a mod she'd be more like an NPC who rushed in and gave you an urgent quest to rescue her pet lobster (or something ;) )
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    Wikivic wrote:
    Nickity - thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated :D (I really like the layout of your portfolio website actually, I've bookmarked it to pore over in more detail with a cuppa).

    My pleasure, and thanks! :) Keep it up!
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    hey! I didn't know you were here and DA, I don't think you mentioned Torchlight on DA but I can see the connection. Again good job! :D
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    It's great work! How hard would it be to convert her to a lower poly model? I'd love to have her as a replacement for the vanquisher, or as an optional character maybe. Good stuff!!!
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    wow no mater how i look at it. I cant seem to find any flaws. keep working with her =)
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    Excellent work! When you get around to releasing her mesh to the community, I really hope some animators take it upon themselves to make some animations for her :) Pls keep it up!
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