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This is my first mod, but I have spent a lot of time trying to make it balanced.

Gunblade v.1
http://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B80BZP8 ... MTI1&hl=en
or if you would rather download it from RGF here is the link to my file over there.
http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/torchl ... s/node/571

The Gunblade is mainly a ranged class, but is deadly in close also because of the sword. Every skill requires the use of pistol or sword. You will not be able to use "any" melee weapons other than swords. The Gunblade's main attention is ranged skills, which left the Gunblade to specialize in a single weapon style for close range combat. The Gunblade specializes in manipulating the fighting environment. Many skills move the enemy around the battle preventing them from getting to the player or getting the player to the enemy quickly to unleash the massive melee attacks. The Gunblade is not a magical class. I have removed passives that added bonuses to magical abilities.

Here are some screen shots of the Gunblade in action

That is only six of the skills. Here is a complete list of dynamic skills. I didn't include all the passives ones. I only mention one defensive passive ability. The Aura you can see in only one of the pictures above is that 5 minute passive.

Gun skills

Armor Break - Does damage to armor and each level will add another effect
Curving Bullets - Shoots a bullet that curves
Head Shot - close range massive single shot.
Piercing shots - shrapnel like shotgun blast. Can hit the same target multiple times.
Acidic bullet - A poison bullet that pierces everything causing a high level poison DOT with -33% movement

Blade skills

Barrel Burn and Thrust - Fire DOT and massive knockback effect.
Crack Bang Who - single target charm like confusion skill
pyrotechnic technique - low level burnn and small AOE directly in front of player
killing slash - long dash forward causing damage. (like the destroyer, but with less knockback and you don't get it so early)
Sonic Attack - phase attack

Special skills

Dexterous Weapons - increases dex and attack speed
Strengthened weapons - increases str and knockback
blasting sweeps - combination of gun shots and blade attack. (largest AOE coverage in front of player doing ranged and melee damage)
Deflect back - stun, retreat, and knockback. Clears the area between the player and monsters
Grappling hook - Pulls a single enemy to the player. useful when you need to focus your attack on a single target. Very long range.
Return fire - ONLY passive defensive skill. counters any attack with gun fire and adds a small decrease in damage taken.

Unzip this zip file into your mods folder. Mine is
C:\Users\Justin\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\mods
Just place the unzipped folder in the mods folder. It should look like this,
C:\Users\Justin\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\mods\Gunblade

Important BEFORE playing
This is just a basic class mod. It doesn't add any new textures, but you will still need to run the class creator mod (created by Ugmojoe) to make the helmet and shoulders show up correctly and correctly add this class to the character creation screen without any trouble. If you need instructions follow the spoiler. It is better if you don't even run the game with a custom class unless you use Ugmojoe's mod first. It will save you countless hours of frustration from trying to make class mods compatible with each other. These steps are extremely detailed so there can't be any confusion on how to run his mod. I would suggest uninstalling all your class mods and installing Ugmojoe's custom class creator and then reinstalling them all again. Your save games will not be affected at all by this and you will have clean compatible class mods.
First download the class creator mod if you do not have it yet. You will need it if you plan to play ANY custom classes. You can download each custom class you want individually and add them to your list without any problems at all using Ugmojoe's custom class creator.

Here is a link to download Ugmojoe's custom class creator

I'm assuming you have downloaded the custom class creator and unzipped it just like you did my Gunblade mod.

1st. Double click the "classcreator" application. if security warning pops up, click yes or continue or run or whatever that box says.
2nd. You will see this screen.
3rd. Click "New" at the bottom.
4th. Type in "Gunblade" and click OK. Gunblade will be added to the list on the left. CLICK SAVE
5th. Click the "Items patcher" tab at the top.
6th. In the top text box type "Alchemist"
7th. In the bottom text box type "Gunblade"
8th. Click "create item files" below the text boxes. The green bar will fill up. A message will pop up saying something ... click "ok"
9th. Click on the "Classes" tab at the top and go back to the main screen.
10th. click on Destroyer, Vanquisher, Alchemist, Gunblade one at a time and look at the boxes on the right hand side of the screen. If you see a box that is being shared by two classes, click on a box that is not being shared. You will need to check this for each custom class you add. CLICK SAVE
11th. Click on Gunblade
12th. Type "alchemisticonselected" into the top text box without the quotes. CLICK SAVE Click it each time.
13th. Type "alchemisticonlit" into the middle text box without the quotes. CLICK SAVE Click it each time.
14th. Type "alchemisticon" into the bottom text box without the quotes. CLICK SAVE Click it each time.
15th. You are completely finished with his mod for my class now. Repeat all these steps for any other custom class you have that is still having problems with helm and shoulders.

Ugmojoe's mod is invaluable to anyone playing with custom mods. Now you can play any custom class without relying on massive mods that attempt to combine them all together into one big mod that causes conflicts.
Please give me your honest feedback. If you think it ****, let me know. If you want me to work on a skill or modify it, let me know. I'm very flexible. I'm not sure I like it as is, but I need to take a break for a bit. I wanted to share my completed, but not 100% balanced Gunblade. Enjoy!
My Gunblade mod (melee/ranged) class


  • TuishimiTuishimi Posts: 220
    Looks cool! Have not tried it yet. After adding one too many class mods (even with ugmojoes tool) I busted my setup and had to rebuild it from scratch. I am in the middle of playing a Demonologist. :) Once done I check your class out again!
  • MonTyMonTy Posts: 46

    I'll be sure to check this out and post my thoughts. The information given and the premise of this class sounds great. I really enjoy Melee and Range, the chance to use both efficiently sounds perfect.
  • MonTyMonTy Posts: 46
    Went to go try it, but as soon as I select the Gunblade portrait in the character select screen the game freezes :(
  • darkly37darkly37 Posts: 40
    Did you wait for a bit? Sometimes it takes a minute for Torchlight to load new classes. I removed all my mods and tried the zip file just to make sure it wasn't corrupted. It seems to load fine for me.

    Are you also using the class creator mod?
    My Gunblade mod (melee/ranged) class
  • MonTyMonTy Posts: 46
    I waited a good while and I do not use class creator mod. I ended up removing a few Mods and it worked (did it all at once, so not sure which it was). But I ended up playing around a bit. First thoughts are that Pyrotechnic seems too powerful as it's AOE, DOT, and no cooldown. The other starting skill, Curving Bullets does not seem strong enough compared to Pyrotechnic- it was only doing 4-6 more damage then my normal shot.
  • darkly37darkly37 Posts: 40
    They scale differently. CB has something most skills don't have, which you might not have noticed just yet. It has the ability to drain HP and MP like your normal attacks. You could effectively use CB as your main attack and not even worry about mana most of the time. If you choose to use CB at all that is.

    Pyro is aoe, but is very short range. The DOT is weak sauce compared to some of the other DOT skills you will get later. It is a good skill, but using it in rapid succession will definitely drain your mana to zero quickly. There are more useful ways to use your mana. Of course early on it is a life saver when everything goes crazy and you are surrounded.

    I might adjust it a little more in a later version. Maybe give Pyro a short cool down and add a few more points to CB.
    My Gunblade mod (melee/ranged) class
  • I would love to test out your class, but unfortunately I can't load it up. It keeps crashing my game. Now I also noticed that you didn't have any itemicons in your UI folder. Could that be why I can't load the character up? Because I followed everything you have posted for using the Class Creator, but I still can't get it to load. May I get some assistance please?
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  • darkly37darkly37 Posts: 40
    There are no icons because I don't have any custom icons. I use the alchemist icon because I don't own a paint program that opens the dds files. I'm not really interested in playing with graphic so I just borrow the alchemist.

    It does sound like you might be having an icon issue crashing the game. You should double check your input to make sure you have the exact same information in the class creator as the alchemist.

    Some other questions.

    Did you remove other class mods before installing mine? If you happened to exit game outside of town while using another class mod that is no longer installed it will not load the game.

    If that is not the case, then it has to be related to the way you installed it. Did you install the class creator mod after you had other class mods installed?

    I'm just trying to get idea from where the error is coming from. I'm still confused because I have never had my game crash on me because of this mod, but I do recognize there might be some complication or critical conflict somewhere. I have had a few people report errors.

    I'm assuming you did all the obvious stuff like deleting the mod and .dat files from the mods folder.
    My Gunblade mod (melee/ranged) class
  • I figured out what the problem was, I didn't have all of my mods taken out, just the character ones. The maps were also causing a conflict, but I fixed that problem. Your mod works like a charm. And it's quite interesting actually, mainly because I wanted to do a gun/blade setup, only difference was I was going to use a Vanq to do so. But the powers are uniquely good. I see a good balance there. We'll see as times goes on how the later levels play out. Again, good mod :D
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    I just downloaded this and it looks pretty cool to play. But I'm having that helmet/ should funk going on. I used the class item fixer mod, but still getting the same thing. Was wondering if there is a way to go into the mod and get the items working correctly. Also i discovered there aren't items included. That could be part of the problem. Seems like a great concept. Wish I could play it.
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  • AkuraAkura Posts: 56
    can you make new classes with this?
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