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You know, you'd think someone who's playeda ton of games would just wing it, but it's not working out that way. I've been tossing points into whatever, a few in Iceshock, pet Mastery, netherimp and I even put one into Ember Shock.

What I'd like is a good caster spec. I've got dual wands (cause hey..they look awesome) and was just wondering if I should try to supplement casting with some summons or what-have-you.

I know this is a pretty general question, but any help is appreciated.




  • If you are playing Normal or Easy, you can go pure-caster or minion type and get through the quest line pretty easy. You just need to decide which path you want to take and stick to it and stop tossing points around or you will end up diluted and weak.

    If you are playing Hard mode, again Caster or Minion types work, but a more hybrid approach might be easier to finish the quest line. Going Emberlance + Zombies with Pet Mastery and Charm will give you body blockers and a killing Lance. Iceshock can be useful for control, but be sure pet has Heal All and Frost. You only need 1 point in Iceshock for control, max Ember Lance for killing and/or Burning Bind if you go more on the minion damage side, along with Charm Mastery.

    The unofficial/official Respec mod will allow you to reset your skill points for a hefty sum of gold.
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