Do enemies have a level cap?

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By any chance does anyone know when or if the monsters hit a level cap? I'm currently on level 123 of the Shadow Vault, and the enemies are well over level 160. My Destroyer can still kill them, but man, even on normal some of the enemies (namely champions) can actually cut through all my defenses (Frost Armor included) and hit me for well over 3/4 of my health hahaha.

I'm worried that soon you'll reach a difficulty level that'll be too hard to progress any further. I have to add though, one you get by floor 110 you get SWAMP with Uniques and Set (Unique and Rare) items so that's a HUGE plus!


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    There is really no bound to the Shadow Vault, it is what it is, an "infinite dungeon." However most of the lvl settings I see on TorchED go from 0-1000, so maybe the cap is level 1000, but no one has reach that far legitimately.
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    That would make sense. I don't really know how one could get to level 1000 legitimately in all honesty. The enemies on 123 give me a pretty good run for my money hahaha. I think I'll just try to farm for the Graven's Maces (last items I need for the set) and the last few pieces I need for Justice and Magnus armor and call it time to retire.

    Thanks for the reply!
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    Some believe the floor cap is around 2,147,483,647 since its the range of a signed integer datatype.
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    Adoomgod may have some evidence. He is running that crazy "No Disenchant" mod along with a "Character Level to 999" mod. I think I saw him mention being somewhere beyond dungeon level 200 awhile back.

    Personally, I think that it is a given that, if you don't retire and you have not modified the limits, the Shadow Vault WILL kill you, design. The challenge is to see just how deep you can get...and still come back.

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    BTW, the Gambler seems to have the Epic Justice pieces at least pretty regularly, and a fair portion of the Epic Graven's and Epic Magnus's are stashed on my mules, as well.
    This is with a c-lvl 56 character that has been straight legit (to the extent that using max Barter to "win" transactions and aquire more gold repeatedly is legit.)

    The only two pieces of Epic Justice I'm having trouble with are the necklace and the Rifle with No Name (I have the other Rifle). I expect to score the rifle eventually (it may just be too soon for it to be in inventory), but the necklace is problematical. In general, the gambler gets in many fewer Unique jewelry items, compared to his Armor offerings, and it is tougher to identify. However, if it is extra expensive and has a socket, it is probably Unique. (If it is a necklace priced at over GP300,000 by the overcoat man, it is the Bling - trust me. <grin>)

    Also, if you are shopping for weapons from the Gambler, you need to pay special attention to what the Gambler icon is, and how many requirements there are. Unlike Unique (and most Set) Armor items, which seem to universally have 3 Requirements and a socket, Unique weapons may only have 2 requirements, or even only one. They all seem to have a socket, though, and the icons seem to be fairly distinctive from anything except the actual type of weapon that uses that icon ordinarily.

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    I was doing a bit more farming with my lvl 100 Destroyer last night, and finally found The Epic Legendary Godhammer, Epic Paxx Enforcer (multiples), Epic Strangelove (multiples as well) and the Epic Rifle with No Name (only one). However, the game seems to act kind of weird after you reach a certain level in the Shadow Vault. No Armor seems to drop anymore, and all the Unique Trinkets that drop are of the Normal quality and no Epic variants. The two Epic maces Graven's Love and Graven's Hate still manage to elude me **** it hahahaha.

    I'm on lvl 127 or 128 of the vault and the enemies are now lvl 171. With luck those two maces and the Justice Necklace will drop tonight.
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    Well, Fate's dungeon goes down to 2,147,483,648 so it would make sense that this one does as well, especially because both were developed by Travis Baldree. Then again, I could be wrong.
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    As far as I know, there is not a level cap. I have wasted tons of hours getting my character to 999 and bought a map scroll and low and behold? level 999 monsters. That's only because map scrolls scale to your level. If you ventured deep into the shadow vault it would as said above reach 2,147,483,648.
    I put the "DOOM" in "****."
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