[Class WIP] **** Knight, looking for partners

AyanuAyanu Posts: 5
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Currently working on a mod for a "**** Knight" class. The goal for the class is to have a class that actually caters and rewards using 2handed weapons in this game. Instead of using the 2hander mod (which is way OP) a "grip" passive will be added to increase the damage when wielding 2handed weapons. The skills will be slightly higher than normal (not much) but also require a 2hander in order to bring 2handers in line with where they need to be, and to reward the character for giving up the use of a shield.

Currently planning out all of the skills for it and if anyone would like to assist on this project you can post here and PM me with contact details (aim, msn or google talk) in order to communicate effectively. Anyone with art experience is a huge plus.


  • PhanjamPhanjam Posts: 3,297 ✭✭✭
    Hi Ayanu. I've helped out on some other mod projects with stuff like icon art. I'd be happy to help I just gotta warn you that I have a day job so my turn-around time isn't the fastest thing in the world...
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