arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up.

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hey, so right now i have a bunch of level 30 homonculist gear. it's working out nicely, but after a quick browse of the torchlight armory- i've discovered that a majority of the end game gear is all summon buffs. most of it at least.

so i spent a bit of time picking through it all.. i know there's probably people out there who hate summons, and i thought i'd list some stuff that might help an arcane (and probably a battlemage) out.

helmet: Epic Medea's Crown/Epic Transmuter Helm/Epic Bone Helmet
boots: Epic Bone Sabatons/Epic Transmuter Sabotons/Epic Magnus' Detailed Footwear
gloves: Epic Vulture Gloves/Epic Medea's Claws/Epic Absorbtion Webbing
shoulders: Epic Magnus' Abtruse Shoulders/Epic Vulture Mantle/Epic Medea's Insignia
chest: Epic Magnus' Complex Surcoat/Epic Technicolor Nightmare Coat/Epic Vulture Chest
belt: Epic Prismatic Cable/Epic Cronium's Foundation/Epic Scimatron's Control/Epic Bone Belt

and if you're using a shield like me..
shield: Epic Solitude/Epic Solitude/Epic Solitude/Epic Solitude... oh yeah Epic Solitude. 75% chance to reflect spells, 8% elemental damage, decent resists and 2100 health? o.o

maybe this'll help someone? if anything it'll be my own hunting list hehe..


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    I'd suggest you don't pick up end game items from the armory, simply because the chance of getting any of them is very low. Just work with what you got, unless you're labeled as "XXXXX The Cheat" already. I've also noticed that there are very few items that actually give bonuses to arcane alchemists, which makes me reconsider respecing to lore at higher levels. However, I don't like the idea of my minions doing all the work and me staying without doing anything, but summoning. Makes me feel useless.
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    i have the mod better quest rewards and a lot of gold to throw around gambling. gar sometimes has some good stuff for his quest, too.

    i actually have most of what i wanted and am at level 51.. there's no cheater affix on my name. most of the unique stuff that drops is all epic quality or high level uniques/sets.. so no offense intended, but i'm not really sure what you're talking about? all that seems to drop for me is the endgame stuff.

    here's a notepad.

    Epic Zoromun's Insight 46 15 got it

    Epic Valkyrie Greaves 50 15 got it

    Epic Assassin Gloves 42 15 got it

    Epic Dragonscale Mantle 42 8 got it

    Epic Assassin Torso 42 8 got it

    Epic Prismatic Cable 51 15 got it

    Ring 1
    Epic Budder's Band 45 15 got a 10% ring.

    Ring 2
    Epic Budder's Band 45 15 pundee or something..

    Epic The Uhl Noir Jewel 47 8 got a decent set one, gonna swap it when i can tho.

    Epic Anachronistic Device 51 15 got it.

    Epic Solitude 60 8 need it

    Set 2
    Epic Stark Fist of Removal x2 61 lots of crit need it

    like i said all of this i'm able to find with time and patience.. i don't cheat.

    *the values on the side are level requirement and the % it adds to all elemental damage.

    also- if you have the respec mod like i do you can save up magic find gear and put points into adventurer i believe.. it adds 20% to magic find. just go do some runs you'll get some good stuff.
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    Having all that without cheating. I envy you man. Wish I had all that equipment. From the impression I've got so far, nothing seems to drop that I want or need for me. Always dropping sets for other characters but mine. Mind sharing that mod you were talking about ? Thanks.
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    yeah man it's called better quest rewards and drops. it basically makes every quest either give u a worthwhile unique or blue.
    you should get balanced sales prices too. 100g for your stuff is ridiculous. with the better prices it makes your useless high end uniques 1-3k so you can keep gambling.

    if you run old shadow vault levels with magic find gear and the TREASURE HUNTER (not adventurer) skill you'll have good mf, and i honestly think it affects gambling. just a hunch tho.

    also, the gambling guy can be kind of predictable, too. the expensive items more often than not are uniques. especially the rings/ammys. sometimes you get ripped off with a green or blue set item, but it's worth trying.

    if you truly want to cheat WITHOUT cheating tho.. there's also a way to adjust your drop rate. it came stapled to one of my enchanting mods but i gotta warn you- playing with it enabled ruins any purpose of playing the game. at least for me it does. every monster drops only uniques, it's really dumb but if you're like level 60 with greens then maybe you should use it just for a bit.

    here's the site, go nuts.

    also, make sure u keep some reduced vendor price gear. i got the easy respec mod so the respecs are like a gold (yeah its cheese, i know... but i try new specs more then i change my underwear) and when i decide to throw my gold to the wind i respec for the barter skill. 60% off plus my gear, makes life easier. you can use the expensive one too, i think its only 3k.. might be 33k tho, not sure.
  • Acrylik, I recently starting using the + dorp rate to unique and it HAS made a difference with gambling. Almost everything I get from the gambler is Gold/Purple now. Also, I seem to be getting the same drops from dungeon mobs to the gambler as well. Not sure if it is just my level, luck, or how the system works. Either way, I am just saving up the good low level stuff for my next playthrough with the Destroyer, and selling the rest to pocket the gold. The most interesting thing, so far, is that I got 3 of Lovecraft's gear within 1 hour, within 2 maps, and a Midas Chain from the goblin outside of the Shadow Vault as a reward for the level 3 quest.
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    yeah, i turned my drop rate mod off. if it bothers you that it's like that here's the data you can use to change it back.


    all the armor and weapons turn to uniques, it was possible for me to just make gold buying and selling. careful with that mod it'll make the game boring.
  • You really don't need a mod to get full sets of end-game unique items rather easily, just gamble them using the proper technique:

    You'll still need to farm gold and, arguably, the socket checking trick is an exploit so if that's not you deal then skip that part but everything else is just using the information the game and the armory give you. Gold farming and resetting the gambling inventory are still fairly time consuming so, for me at least, there was still a far degree of satisfaction from acquiring new items (especially epic solitude (and if you thought it was awesome base try sending it as an heirloom once or twice).
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    i had never known about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up as more as now I got. Such a beautiful topic to aware the people about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up.

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    allard01 wrote:
    Such a beautiful topic

    Such a beautiful topic. *salute*
    allard01 wrote:
    i had never known about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up as more as now I got. Such a beautiful topic to aware the people about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up.
    "Such a beautiful topic to aware the people"
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    Its a bot, Jibaku.

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    Let it be known that this is "such a beautiful topic to aware the people about arcane alchemist gear" *tear*
    allard01 wrote:
    i had never known about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up as more as now I got. Such a beautiful topic to aware the people about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up.
    "Such a beautiful topic to aware the people"
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    :D Nice
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