Shared stash shared across gamertags?

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While at the Torchlight menu screen (after having played a while), I signed out of my gamertag through the Guide, and my son signed in - now he's never played Torchlight before today, yet the shared stash for his very first character was populated with items that I recognized as ones I had put into my shared storage.

I assume this is a bug, please don't tell me that the shared storage was meant to be shared across all gamertags on one system!

Edit: Just for fun, I loaded up my game, removed about half of the items from my shared stash, then logged out of the game and my gamertag, loaded up my son's tag, went into the game, and he still had all the items, so it appears that on character creation, my stash was duped to his new character. I assume that the patch for the 'disappearing shared stash items' may fix this, but I thought I'd post it anyways in case it's not a related bug. :D

Edit 2: I just realized the date on this post. It's not a joke.


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    Woot! I am playing unpached version, and my wife has her own gamertag and I was wondering if I coud give her stuff like that. Woot thanks for the info W :lol: :lol: T
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