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hi, could anyone give a link to a tut or tool for savefile conversion?
I own torchlight on xbox and recently purchased it on pc and id really like to transfer some gear.
thx in advance.

edit:I am trying to do this with a HEX editor, it all looks the same except the extension of the character files, but the data it holds is the same...
everytime i try to copy the data i find in the pc's sharedstash.bin to the xbox sharedstash file it freezes my xbox.. could someone explain to me why its not working?? thx


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    I would be surprised and kind of amazed if this kind of thing was even possible.

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  • apocqapocq Posts: 7
    it is possible. there are editors for both games... make it open a file saved on the pc and then save it again as an xboxsave. It would be like using two different editors and just manually copying everything u see in editor A to editor B, simple as that. i would make such a thing myself, but i cant code even if my life depended on it.
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