Looking for a strong Des build for VH

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Can't seem to find any real builds online, just general strategies for what skills are useful, so I'm trying to make my own.

Stat points will be 3 Attack / 2 Defense per level. Unless people think I'm going to need to dump points into other stats in order to wear gear? (I assume most Destroyer-themed gear will only require Atk/Def but I'm no expert)

Seems like most points should go into passives, rather than maxing out actual attack skills.

Total skill points: 75

10 Martial Weapon Expertise
10 Dual Wielding
10 Critical Strikes
10 Adventurer
10 Treasure Hunter
10 Defensive Spell Mastery
10 Block and Parry

1 Slash Attack (Default)
1 Devastate
1 Spectral Echo
1 Chain Vortex
1 Entropic Aura
1 Frost Shield

Does this look decent? Should I take more attack skills like Doomquake? Is 75 an unrealistic goal? (I'm using to building towards high level Diablo II characters)
Should I max out Devastate? I recall reading somewhere that Devastate gives diminishing returns and should be a one-point wonder.

Thanks in advance :)


  • 75 skill points is not unrealistic since you gain one each time you level and each time your fame increases.

    Shadow Armor maxed though is a must as with Frost Shield, you only need one point, and Block and Parry you will take very little damage and block 50% of all attacks.
  • I personally go for Armour Expertise as Weapon requirements I find I don't have a problem meeting; it's always armour that I find I have issues with. You wear multiple pieces of Armour but only wield a single weapon (possibly 2); for these reasons I always thought Armour Expertise was stronger. But I have never progressed down into the Shadow Vault very far, so when I eventually do I may change strategies.
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