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I have a question that I haven't seen on the forums yet get answered to the best of my knowledge.

Will layout files be able to be imported into TorchED 2 from TorchED 1? The reason I ask this is I have an interesting idea that I would like to get started on, but I don't want to do a bunch of legwork on something that can't be moved to TL-2 if that is the case. I will spend the time instead learning some other things in TorchEd 1.

If this has been asked my fault. My search ninja told me to ask.


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    Is this for your layout I saw on EAC? That looked really good. I will give you a bump and try and keep this at the top.
  • Not for one my current projects, but was more just curious. I was thinking about how multiplayer would work. I was thinking about designing a 'guildhall' type of chunk. Make a portal to it from a town or hub etc. I don't want to invest too much time creating something if I can port it over to the new game.
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    You can try PMing one of the devs. They should be able to tell you fairly quick.
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    There's really no guarantee I can give you that your old layout file will work in the new system. There have been a lot of various changes the various objects and their properties over these couple of years. If you're referencing resources from the old game (room pieces, meshes, textures, etc), those wont likely exist (or will have moved). Some things may still work, many things will work/behave differently. I wouldn't plan on having them "just work."
  • Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad I didn't charge ahead full steam then. I'll work on the basic structure with Torch ED and wait patiently for the release of TorchED 2. More times than not I end up messing around with logic and forget to finish anything anyway. So it's all good!
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