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Quick question - sorry if this has been asked before, I was unable to find information regarding this -

Anyway, my embermage is currently using a staff that does 207 DPS, and below that, the text says it does 155-255 Ice Damage, and 52-85 Poison Damage. My question is, when does the Ice Damage and Poison Damage get applied? Is it only when I do a melee attack with the staff?

For instance, I have a ring that applies 15% to all Ice Damage. Magma Spear, at rank 8, applies 40% of weapon DPS as Fire Damage. Therefore, when I use Magma Spear, does the ring apply 15% to the Ice Damage of the staff, then add that to the total DPS of the weapon, then take 40% of the total DPS and use that as the final spell damage?

Or, does the extra 15% Ice Damage of the ring not apply at all, and magma spear only look at overall weapon DPS and use 40% of that?

Sorry if that's confusing, I'm just trying to figure out how elemental damages get applied to weapon DPS and spell DPS.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!


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    The dps is calculated so all the elemental damage is already applied in the dos
  • So the ring that applies an extra 15% ice damage has no effect in increasing weapon dps?
  • I am also trying to figure out how damage is calculated for elemental skills.

    I recently found a unique polearm with the following stats:
    247 DPS, 1.32 APS
    Physical 111-149
    Electrical 168-223

    I also got a staff as a quest reward with the following stats:
    207 DPS, 1.32 APS
    Ice 155-255
    Poison 52-85

    As far as I can tell, the damage displayed on my Character screen ignores critical chance, cast rate, and some other stats. So for the purposes of this question, we can ignore the other stats that are on the items.

    The Weapon Damage displayed on my character screen with the Polearm is 404-546. The Magic Damage shows 390-387. For the staff, the damage displayed is 371-614 for BOTH (wtf?).

    When I'm using a spell like Magma Spear, that converts "weapon damage" into fire damage, which figure should I be using for comparison? Is there a succinct calculation description anywhere? It's very difficult to see which item is doing more damage when burning damage figures are popping up over the enemies. I feel like the ACTUAL DPS (not item DPS, which means nothing for spells) for attacks/skills should be displayed ON THE SKILL WHEN EQUIPPED like in JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER MODERN GAME. If I could just get an Excel spreadsheet that has the calculations built in, I guess I could deal with that. Or I could just make one if someone would just tell me exactly how to calculate damage.
  • Can anyone with some detailed knowledge of the numbers help with this? It'd be great if someone could clearly explain how all this works... thanks!
  • Can anyone with some detailed knowledge of the numbers help with this? It'd be great if someone could clearly explain how all this works... thanks!

    The only thing I can add (and some is still speculation) is as follow:
    • According to your Stats window (J shortcut) when you hold a staff with 0 ice damage, no matter how large the +% ice damage, it will not increase the ice damage amount above zero. It is a wasted stats if that is the case.
    • Ice damage and other type of damage increase the DPS whether it being swinged or used for spells that uses DPS as part of its calculation.
    • Most spell damage depends on your level and only small portion of DPS is used.
    • You can use **** staff and have awesome time with Prismatic Bolts.

    What I still don't know:
    • Whether focus stat points increase spell damage or it only increase magic damage such as ice, fire, lightning, etc on weapon.
  • There are so many conflicts in understanding what works with what, its not even funny. But for your specific question: "+X% elemental damage" is applied directly to the skills damage, not the weapon DPS. So +5% ice damage on an ice staff when you cast magma spears does nothing, because the skill isn't ice.

    For an embermage, the DPS rated in the Arcane Statistics panel (J) is 100% useless, because its showing you the damage if you hit something with the weapon. This includes many bonuses that won't improve skill bonuses. Pretty much its only useful for people actively swinging their weapons.

    Gems that add "+5 poison damage" will contribute to DPS; +attack speed will not; many of the "conveys X effect over Y seconds" or "on hit" or "on kill" work, but not all of them; "+X ranged weapon damage bonus" should work, but seems bugged for wands only; "+X% dual-wielding damage bonus" works but ONLY if its listed in the mainhand, otherwise it does nothing.... and thats just a few of the problems. I drove myself mad with indepth testing on many of these, and the patch even changed a couple of things.

    The whole system needs to be tuned with a lot more blunt force trauma.
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