What is the max points we can put on a stats ?

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The question is in thee subject title.

And what is the max level? (I suppose 100?)


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    Max lvl 100, max fame lvl 50.
  • Ok, but I mean how many points can I put on dexterity for exemple?
    And how can I see my fame lvl?
  • Up for the above questions.
  • Not sure about the points thing, but most games usually cap at 50% or 75%. And to see your fame rank, just press C and you'll see it right at the top of the screen. I think it's in red (not logged in right now xD).
  • Well you don't understand what i'm asking. I'm asking how many points can i put on a stat. I didn't try if there is a maximum. Like : can i put more than 200 points on dex or str?

    Thanks for the fame, i'll see that ;)
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    currently i have over 245 dex so i haven't reached the cap yet
  • And you r not full on the % bar?
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    133 actually, 100 from levels, 33 from fame.


    Edit: D'oh, thought of skills, not characteristics >_<
  • you can put up to 500 points into a stat from from levelling. idk if you can go past that 500 with +attribute bonuses.
  • ChewtoyChewtoy Posts: 185
    well at lv 100 you can put, dex 200 focus 200 health 130 into 3 stats, so around 530 points, tested that yesterday with ember mage with 0 gear on that give stats.

    Note putting 200 points into focus gives 100% magic damage.
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