Explain Mapworks to me please!

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So what is the mapwork system like?

Is it just a random dungeon with tons of champions? Are there bosses or just champions?

Is the loot better in the maps? Are they super hard or same as any dungeon?

Why do a map over just a randon cave after being reset?


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    why do a map over a random cave? it scales to your level, and has a random boss at the end, 2 floors, 3rd floor is boss floor, other than that, all random, also, you can open the boss chest each time after, in a random cave, you can only open boss chest if you're on mission.

    also every map has a ton of affixes, like + gf/mf chance to burn/freeze/summon skull, tougher/weaker monsters/50% attack/cast speed, 200% damage, etc. more affixes towards your favor, more expensive though
  • Each map is themed after a dungeon from the main game. The enemies appear to be selected from a set. Like, you'll have a dungeon primarily filled with Goblin-type enemies, or perhaps you'll encounter a lot of mushroom-type enemies. From my experience, there are 3 floors to a map. The final one can contain any boss in the game. You can end up fighting the Fire Drake in the chamber with the writhing tentacles from Watchweald for example.

    The loot you find is appropriate to your level. Or perhaps it's appropriate to the map's level? Regardless, it's not better nor is it worse, it just is.

    Now on to what makes maps different from a regular dungeon. Each map can have a series of affixes that alter either the player or the monsters.
    Some player affixes include:
    Higher EXP Gain, Higher Gold Drop, Higher Magic Find, summoning THE SKULL!!!111 when killing enemies and many, many more.

    Some monster affixes include:
    All monsters have chance to freeze, all monsters have a chance of procing certain abilities when they die, all monsters have higher attack speed, all monsters have lower attack speed, etc.

    So why should you do Maps? The same reason you do everything else. For fun. HAVE FUN DAMNIT.
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    I have played 44 random maps atm, still on ng+ act II, but im already at level 90. and having tons of great loot :P
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