EHC no pots!

edited September 2012 in TL2 Hardcore Mode
Anyone else doing this? Just downed Regicide on my 26 eng! Touch and go for a few minutes there!


  • Madness! I churn through all my gold in pots. :P On my 4th go i tried to reach level 2 without using pots, and almost died. Did it tho! haha
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  • Now that's pretty ****. I applaude you!
  • As an eng I almost don't miss using healing potions because of the heal bot. I'll also be using the healself and heal all scrolls when I eventually find them. So far so good though, everyone should try it! Watching streams of people in act 4 I am a bit worried though, people seem to take a lot of damage so I'll let you how I get on!

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  • k0rdk0rd Posts: 116
    hahaha, I lose characters often on veteran WITH pots - this is truly an elite challenge!
  • On engi its not much of a challenge since he has healing bot. Get distance, wait, youre full again in few seconds. Try doing it with berserker
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