Doubt about Tundra Build

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Hi, i'm new to the game and the forums. I've been reading the forums looking for builds and there are two of them that i found interesting:

Xkilla's build

Tieryal's build

These builds are almost identical, but they have some difference that i don't understand (i don't want to know which build is better, i don't want you two guys to start a fight for my fault ;) ):
First, one of them is focus/dex based and the other is str/dex/vit based. I'm not sure about this, but i understand that the elemental skills such as Northern Rage are focus based. I need someone help me to clarify this please.
And last, which skill is better to heal myself: Shadow burst or Wolf Shade?


PD: Sorry for my english, it's not my native language


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    You should really have no doubts because both xkilla and the other guy chose skills based on what they thought would work the most effective against a single or whole group of mobs. Having high focus gives increased elemental damage, so any ice attack or attack that you don't physically hit the enemy with is regarded as elemental, one example is ravage is considered physical (use of claws) while northern rage is elemental (no weapon is needed to trigger it). The other guys build seems to rely more on using raze which could be the reason for focusing more on strength but in my opinion is that it would make little sense putting points in northern rage or keeping focus at 5 because their is little benefit from it unless he has gear with good amount of focus attribute attach to them. With regards to shadows burst and wolfshade i think the wolfshade gives more health if he gets the kills. In a sense it is better to use the wolfshade for health because even though shadow burst gives you health you have to dive into enemies and you can still get hurt by the enemies.

    Hope this helps a little in clarifying how and why they chose the skills an attribute points for their builds.
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    I don't see why you think those two builds are almost identical because they're really not. One is a magical/caster build centered around spells boosted by focus and the other one is melee based on physical damage with raze being the main dps skill which is boosted by strength. The latter build uses northern rage as a secondary skill only to dispose of trash mobs and/or kiting in dangerous situations, but it is not the primary damage skill.
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    Thanks guys for your answers, you helped me a lot clarifying this. And yes Kveld, now that i see it better, you are right about the builds. I just didn't realized before, sorry, i'm new to the game :oops:
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