I am confused when it comes to applying stat points.

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I posted a topic about a month ago about my level 44 engineer that is not doing too well in veteran mode. viewtopic.php?f=45&t=58269

I consistently ruin my characters even after having playing this game for a very long time. I would like to create a two handed Engineer who utilizes lots of blitz skills and also takes advantage of the force-field ability. What's a good way to apply my stat points? I often hear vitality is very bad to invest in.


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    2 handed all the way?
    Well you could either go enough dex to get 10 % crit and then go the rest str or you could go all STR.
    Personally with a pure 2 handed build i would go all str. I have a similar build on my zerker and he hits like a nuke.
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  • No focus? Im also assuming I should invest some skill points into defensive passives
  • Which stats you focus on really depends on what skills you use... The blitz tree is kind of broad and doesn't really look like you should get too many of those skills at the same time since they fulfil the same roles... if you ask me.
    Defensive passives arent really all that good. There's bulwark which is okay if you have the points but it protects from physical damage only... and the three passives in the aegis tree range from kind of meh to utter ****.
    Engineers should probably have enough defense by gaining charge and using it for force field, and using onslaught and/or storm burst to avoid incoming damage. It can take a while before force field really becomes good, but until then you can probably get away just using some healing potions when needed. By lvl 44 force field should be coming into its own though... just make sure you keep it maxed, gain charge to maximize it, and try to avoid some hits rather than just soak everything up (for instance, if a troll is preparing its overhead smash, don't think that your force field will take care of it... move aside)

    Personally I almost always go 100% on strength or focus, depending on class and skills used, at least for the first couple dozen levels. Vit can help in the beginning for health, but in the beginning stuff doesn't hit so hard yet (at least on veteran) and you shouldn't really need it... just be ready with a health potion for emergencies, and always have healing bot out and keep it maxed. And the percentages for block, dodge and crit (apart from an engineer probably shouldn't use a shield, so no block) don't help much yes when you're low level (avoiding 1 in 10 hits, or hitting harder 1 in 10 times, neither sound very appearling to me), hitting harder just seems to help more. Later on, I just enchant my equipment at Borris and all stats get upped a lot and it all works itself out.
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    The skills that talk of DPS are str based and the skills that do not mension DPS in the description are focus. This is why its good to plan on what you are going to play ahead of time so you know what stat to pump to match the skill you are using.
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  • Strength is good for every engineer and excellent for flame hammer builds. Optimal end game builds always have at least 999 strength, even if you're only casting Emberquake. Flamehammer builds are almost pure strength with a little dex. Early levels you should put in mostly Strength because it helps you wear gear and will always be useful end-game.

    Dexterity is the stat that is most underrated by engineers. There is a point in gearing where dex gives the most damage, point for point (look at the link in my sig). However you can get as much dex as you need from Borris enchants, so it's usually not wise to allocate it by hand.

    Focus is good for Emberquake builds and bad for Flamehammer builds. If you plan to be an Emberquake engineer, you can allocate points to focus in the early game without weakening your end-game options. This you should do if you have gear you want to wear that has a focus requirement. If you don't plan to be an Emberquake build, or aren't sure, then don't allocate to Focus.

    Vitality is probably only worth it if you're planning on using a shield.
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