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Hi guys im new on the forum and im new on Torchlight 2, i play the first but only with one class, but now i try some class and i wanna know what can tell me the ppl who really know about this game, im the type of player who like the Templar or 1 hand sword and shield class, and here what type of class i can do that, i mean i know i can use with berserker and engineer but the skills is important too. So i play on single player only and i wanna have some dmg and tank too, witch of this class Berserker or Engineer is better.


  • I using a Engineer with 2h weapon now, and i going to use this skills :

    Ember Hammer (15) - Onslaught (1) - Heavy Lifting (15) - Supercharge (15) - Coup of Grace (15) - Healing Bot (15) - Fire and Spark (15) - Charge **** (1) - Forcefield (15) - Inmobilization Copter (15) - Aegis of Fate (1) - Supercharge Reconstitution (9)

    Using this skills when i going to fight a boss who i going to need Shield for block some hits i can use the same skills or i need to use others ?
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    You should be fine without a shield on the Engineer since you will have Force Field active most of the time if not all the time. Also it would be nice to get your reduce all damage by a percent to 75%, With those two you should be very much tanky.

    You do not need aegis of fate since that will not work that well with Force Field and Force Field does a much better job in the later stages of the game since it scales better.
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  • Your build lack area attack, unless that is your intention, to swing at a small groups. Really should try working flame hammer or emberquake into your build. Spider mines are life savers in tight situations and when your view is somehow block.

    IIRC emberhammer is bugged in the 3 tier. The bonus is stuck at 2nd tier's 10%. Not sure if its fixed.
  • Thx guys for the help, aniway i just start and trying to know and understend about the game because i forget all =/
  • Guys i need to ask u something because i never use 2h sword, and i dont wanna do it wrong, im pretty lost on stat.. how mutch i have to add i mean 3 str 2 dex or 3 str 2 dex 1 vit, or need to save some stats on start and later add ? And skills i need to save too or add lifting and heal on start only ?
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    Vit is not that useful for a 2-handed weapon user or at least in unmodified TLII. Some mods make Vitality more useful. You only get a few points in life per vitality and block chance is useless if not using a shield. Many of the high end Legendaries do require quite a bit of Vitality but usually Borris our favorite crack pusher will usually give us all the vitality we will need as well on items.

    Strength should be the main stat to look for and depending on attack spell you use Focus can be useful. Dexterity is quite good for extra critical chance but also for the other modifiers such as Dodge, Fumble damage reduction.

    I think 3 Strength and 2 Dexterity is quite good. And do not forget Borris can help with rounding out the stats.
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  • Oh thx for that info it help alot.
  • Guys i need some experience opinion about engineer 1h+shield vs 2h weapon, i try both to lvl 21 but im complete lost about what i want, or who have more fun, i know 1h+shield have the chance to block more but hit more slower in dmg and 2h is mutch more dps but need more block chance with gems. I cant found videos for lvl 20-40 lvls for see gameplays for that reason i ask, on the guides i check i dont see what way i need to add the skills, i mean the order about who is necessary have first.
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    co0kies wrote:
    i know 1h+shield have the chance to block more but hit more slower in dmg and 2h is mutch more dps but need more block chance with gems

    Block only works if you have a shield equipped. If you go for a 2h weapon you can't use a shield which means your block will always be 0, regardless what the rest of your gear is. You can't get block chance from gems anyways.

    2h weapons don't necessarily have more DPS either - it depends on the weapon and there are plenty of powerful one-handed weapons.
  • You cannot block under the forcefield, so it's pretty much redundant while the FF is up. But if you are playing HCE is extra safety. But is it worth giving up the stun of Heavy Lifting and as a result Coup de grace? That's 30 points of skills you are not using with a shield.

    Are you still sticking to the build listed on top?
  • For that reason i ask, i cant found videos for low lvl ( level 30-40 ), i dont know what way add skill stats i mean who is more important on low lvl and who is more important later. What i using now i have both engineer on lvl 21 but i dont know what to do, i always like the tank but is hard, and maybe is slower now because is low lvl, maybe that the reason im complete lost ( i dont say i need to have a complete guide, but what skill is more important when stat the game or what skill is important at lvl 30-40, or how mutch stat add on this skills )
  • I only tried a flame hammer build on elite before. Healbot and FF are always maxed. Next is heavy lifting for the stun, but since you are auto attacking maybe you should upgrade supercharge at the same rate.

    Kept CDG at 1 for a long time, since stun chance is low in the beginning.

    The variables are the mana consuming skills, it really depends on how much mana regeneration you have and upgrade accordingly.

    Part of the fun is to react to the items you can buy or find in the game and adjust accordingly. There's only 3 defensive skills, Healbot, FF and ImmoCopter. If you are killing quickly up defense, if you are feeling invincible up attack.

    You only allocate 1 to onslaught, It's really great debuff, 50% slow, add cold damage to weapon and you can get 83% slow, 6secs is better IMO. It's another really good defensive skill to upgrade. Great for building charge on mobs too.
  • Oh thx, so on the start i only up FF and HealBot, but the others skills i adding stat acording my lvl or i wait ?
  • Sorry I don't understand wait for what. Sure you cannot find a let's play video on youtube?
  • Alot of videos on youtube, but for level 50+ or 100, the low people i found use Shield Bash, for that reason i ask here.
  • Why not use shield bash then, it seems you are not quite sure how to use your own build. Just follow the walkthrough until you understand what is going on.
  • Let me see because i think people dont read when have to do it or i dont explain write... i explain before the guide i follow doesnt explain or say about what level or if have too follow skill level or if i need to add first two skills on some level and then add the others. It doesnt say if i need to add 5 skill points in one skill or adding one by one.
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    Ok I get it. I think I have already explain, the key consideration is how much mana you have. If you add points too quickly you may end up not being able to use the skill efficiently. But from what I see, you shouldn't have problem adding point by point as you progress for your build.

    There are few skills that could be worth saving points for, maybe spider mines, shattering glaive or ice prison. I cannot think of other just now.
  • Oh thx for that, and sorry if u say before and was me who dont read it write, so the best way is checking lvl by lvl the mana i have and how mutch expend the skill, that way i add more on passive then active skill or add Focus point for have more mana but on same time items give more stat or need to see whats better for me.
  • I don't see much need for focus for your build, perhaps you can just socket or buy armor with +mana or mana recovery. It is better that way without reducing too much of your damage.
  • Oh thx alot, thats what i need, just have to go for clean something and later join game.
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