Yeah... I still play this. Need some help.

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I realize this is an impossibly old game and my chances of help are slim, but it's a shot in the dark.

Fired up the XBLA edition of Torchlight and found that my toons and save game are gone. I was presented with the only option of creating a new character. Thinking that this was just a glitch (one I've never seen before) I went ahead and created a new toon, but still never found the others that I've invested many, many, many hours into. Now I fear that I may have completely overwritten all that game time.

Is there anything I can do?


  • chiploopchiploop Posts: 25
    Sorry just noticed this, I don't have an answer and it ****, but I'm wondering if you deleted the install once and wiped the whole folder by accident or something? Are you sure the old saves should have been on HDD or have you lost Gold (cloud) access or anything? Whether it's something glitchy that shouldn't be or not, my bet is you did something to the game folder unintentionally, or just accidentally wiped the wrong files.
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