Does an off-hand supercharge use main-hand weapon damage?

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I just started a dual-wield engineer with supercharge. At first, my assumption was that a supercharge discharge was based off of the weapon that made the attack, but I was wondering if that's true. I know most skills use the damage of your main hand weapon. Is supercharge the same way?

If that's the case, then to maximize damage for supercharge you should have a big, slow weapon in your main-hand and a very fast weapon in your off-hand. The slow weapon would have very high weapon damage, and the fast weapon would apply a percent of that damage (because supercharge is based off of weapon damage, not DPS).

Can anyone confirm that this is the case? I combed through the forums but I couldn't find anybody that had looked into this.


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    Supercharge works only with auto attack and it basically doubles your main hand damage output at max level. As for weapons there is no rule. You can try it with swords (like I did), for example Shards of Cobalt main hand and Netherrealm Sword offhand with 3x Vastok and 1x Rambren. Worked great! You can use Smithreen if you want a heavy mace in main hand. But speed is important, whatever you decide. Don't worry about the low damage of netherrealm sword, with those sockets it will greatly increase supercharge damage and frequency. You can enchant it with damage if you want. Main hand though should always be enchanted with damage.

    One other cool thing to remember about Supercharge is that is acts like a small AoE spell that activates when you hit. It is independent from your attacks. This means that you can for example use claws and give them AoE with Supercharge. I tried that too and it's really cool. Use Clockmasters tooth or Ice shard dominator and you will proc overcharge all the time at great speeds, and your spells ( Tremor :) it's so good for melee) can reach up to 400k damage in one hit. But you won't be able to use emberquake, flame hammer or emberhammer. Whatever you choose, you win!
  • I know how it works in general. My question was specifically for the offhand supercharge damage when dual-wielding. As a rule, skills that deal a percent of weapon damage or DPS use your main hand weapon to calculate damage. I'm wondering if supercharge is the same, or if the offhand discharge damage is based on your offhand weapon.
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