Do mobs respawn in areas?

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Will I ever run out of mobs to hunt if I clear all the zones? Or will they always respawn when I return to an area like in Wow?


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    Snagging this info from Wuffletronics

    Dungeons reset after a set period of time, leaving them able to be cleared again (bosses in here do respawn)

    If you really wanna force a respawn:

    Load character > LAN > Create game > check off Reroll world > Kill everything again 8D
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    Thank you :) I will force a reroll and see how that goes.
  • Aloah!
    You can modify the globals.dat to even lower the respawn time of all areas.
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    Alternatively to re-rolling the game or waiting out the spawn timer, the areas will repopulate (aka respawn) if you visit 3 different locations. So, you clear an area and move on. Once you've entered (you don't have to clear them) 3 other areas the first area that you cleared will be repopulated.
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  • SladeSlade Posts: 19
    I am guessing that once you clear an outdoor area the mobs stay gone for good (single player mode). I have not revisted the dungeons yet to see if they auto-respawn.
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    All areas will respawn mobs if you have been away. The thing with outdoor areas is going inside a dungeon does not count as going away - you have to go to at least 1 or 2 other outdoor areas, which means going quite far. That's why you rarely see outdoor areas respawn enemies when you are just progressing normally - you don't normally revisit outdoor areas once you have left them.
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