[MOD] Tartarus EX (WIP) (7/29/13 update info)



  • TieryalTieryal Posts: 420
    This post kind of sounds like it has a negative tone to it, but I want to assure you I had a lot of fun.

    Tried Tartarus tonight on my HCE beserker.

    It was a lot of fun...... for a bit. I had one really intense boss fight (http://www.twitch.tv/tieryal/c/1824556). It was awesome, that's exactly what I had expected from the mod. I had to pay complete attention to my position, and what was going it 100% of the time. My **** heart was racing.

    However, after that one fight, I found the rest of it to be relatively uneventful. Sure the mobs hit hard and it can spike your health, but clearing trash is still generally just as easy as it is in a normal mapworks. There is a LOT of trash mobs too (intentional I know), which is ok, but it simply isn't a challenge, so it became more of a hassle than fun. I was kinda let down and found myself wanting to skip all the trash. This wasn't helped by the fact that the bosses kinda felt few and far in between.

    Other Notes:
    -Also, I freaking ran into Vyrax A LOT. I think out of 12 bosses I saw him 4 times. Does he happen to have a higher spawn rate or am I just unlucky?
    -Guardian can be stunned from raze, other bosses can't be CC'ed like that.
    -When you get Aruk, he isn't a "real" boss in the game, so he doesn't drop any uniques.

    Not sure if you can change any of that or want to.

    Would it be possible to put out a modded PAK that literally just spawns bosses only? As long as it isn't insanely stupid or clustered where you get 3-4 bosses and die instantly. But I realize. MAN, I just wana **** pound on some bosses. **** trash mobs. I figured other people might want to do the same.

    Thanks for the fun time with the mod though :) +1, keep up the good work.
    **** Elite 100 Beserker NG(4) Cleared, World First.
  • I tried it yesterday, its a really cool place, died a bunch of time even in the Lite version though.

    I have one question about the drops. I can find all the high level set pieces of armors there, like celestial and unearthly, right?

    Anyway thanks for the mod mate, its really fun and challenging.
  • RaonniRaonni Posts: 10
    i love this mod, just hope some1 can port it to the new guts format so we can play again.

    theres no challange without monsters lvl 150-200 :D
  • 123123 Posts: 77
    yeah, i hate the 2 lvl > boss of the standard mapwork maps :(
  • FoldarFoldar Posts: 405
    Where can I find this map? I'm using Synergies latest version and it's not showing up in mapworks, or in the merchant scroll purchases..
  • KompanietKompaniet Posts: 37
    Foldar wrote:
    Where can I find this map? I'm using Synergies latest version and it's not showing up in mapworks, or in the merchant scroll purchases..

    Same here. Thought this was part of synergies.
  • ZassoZasso Posts: 73
    Last edited by PaulTM on Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:11 am, edited 56 times in total.
    I'm guessing this map hasn't been updated for GUTS yet and is currently not part of synergies
    shame though but synergies does have the derinkuyu or w/e it's spelled map now which has a similar function
  • RaonniRaonni Posts: 10
    i knew no1 will convert it so i made a conversion for myselft a few days ago, works 100%..

    but i cant upload it without permission.
  • MundaMunda Posts: 4
    I assume this works when playing TL2 with other mods installed correct? I've placed it in the proper location, and rerolled numerous times and still can't find the map at any general vendor or the mapworks vendor.
  • KoanKoan Posts: 1
    Hi, any way to run this fantastic mod in version 1.24?
  • Hello, I'm also looking for a fixed version, or a how-to for converting. I'd preciate it.
  • GastonPGastonP Posts: 60
    PaulTM: are you using an alternate combat text mod? If it's so, could you please upload it to any server so i can download it? I'm asking because i don't have steam and i've been looking for this mod for some time.
    Thank you very much.
  • PaulTMPaulTM Posts: 472
    I am back to T2 modding scene! :D
    Check out my MODS:

    Tartarus EX (wip)
  • burizarburizar Posts: 6
    I dont if it is just me but.... I dont see any download link X_X
  • PaulTMPaulTM Posts: 472
    burizar wrote:
    I dont if it is just me but.... I dont see any download link X_X

    My mod is still a WIP.. So I did not provide any link yet
    Check out my MODS:

    Tartarus EX (wip)
  • paradoxonparadoxon Posts: 1
    Im very happy this piece of great work gets an update. I was just about to do it myself when i noticed the creator is back

    Thank you Paul
  • burizarburizar Posts: 6
    Why dont u just provide the link to the old mod while waiting for you finishing ?

    Why did you remove it?
  • 82moh82moh Posts: 1
    I would like to download the old Tartarus Mod too :( until you provide a download link for the new version.
  • PaalorPaalor Posts: 1
    Can someone post the download link, i dont see it on the first page...
  • SebiSebi Posts: 63

    Could anyone tell me if there is a way to run this mod with the latest patch? :)

    Thank you in advance!
  • Hi !
    if someone have the old .PAK file for Tartarus could you mp me?
    I'd like to make a new release of it so that everybody can run Tartarus with the latest patch
  • SebiSebi Posts: 63

    Can anyone help tartareman out? :D

    It would be nice to be able to play this mod
  • IcefreezeIcefreeze Posts: 22
    Anyone still play this mod?
    Please share with me this mod, i use game patch v.
    PaulTM wrote:
    Faria1st wrote:
    Can you post a link to version 2.0 for those who would like to fight champions?


    Can anyone tell me the way to play this mod version in the link in quote.
    I extract to PAKS file where install game, but i can't find Tartarus Extreme custom map in Mapworks. I already try to reroll game but still not work.
  • Hi everybody!

    You can find TARTARUS II on the workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=353767704&searchtext=
    If the link is wrong, just search it with the following filters :
    - Map
    - Bosses
    - Level

  • SebiSebi Posts: 63
    Thank you so much! :D
  • SebiSebi Posts: 63
    Hello again!

    Would there be a way to convert the newer versions of Tartarus as well? Tartarus II is with champions only, no bosses and has the same infinite map tileset.

    Could anyone who still has the v.5 Tartarus PAK. file convert it for GUTS?

    Thank you very much :)
  • SebiSebi Posts: 63
    long overdue bump for good measure

    Anyone with the the latest tartarus converted for GUTS?
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