Emberquake VS Flame Hammer

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Does skills look so familiar, they seem to do exact same thing, and they seem to have quite the same stats when they are maxed out so... whats the difference? is there any sence of maxing out 2 of them ? or should I just max out the Flame Hammer and ignore entirly the emberquake ?

Is there a sense of using them once I hit with it then with that ? this skill is so similiar to Flame Hammer in my opinion that I dont even know why it is there! :(


  • Well actually Earthquake is much more a mage skill since it gets more bonuses from Focus since it has built in fire damage while flame hammer is completely depended on weapon dps. Not to say it won't benefit from focus but a stronger weapon will trump a higher focus build.
  • Don't know if you just didn't look or didn't see it but there is a post a little farther down on the exact same thing with some more responses to answer your question.

    Here is said thread.
    My Dual-Wield Engineer Guide: The Quaker

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    If you almost Strength, go with Flame Hammer.
    And other o with Emberquake.
    The truly power of Flame Hammer is when using charge; better damage on single target ( of course when using charge), less mana than Emberquake.
    Emberquake have more range and better than FH on crowd clear, no need charge to be use.
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