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Hello guys, this is my first post for Torchlight 2. I'm a level 100 Berserker in Veteran mode in NG+++. I completed the ''entire NG+++ mode in level 100 only'' and I can't seem to level up beyond that. Suddenly the fame points required to level up shot sky high to 9005000. My current fame from the ''entire NG+++ session at level 100'' is 2543433 only. This is causing problem as i cannot gain any stat & skill points to upgrade my character. This is so frustrating as the units keep getting tougher with higher levels but I can't upgrade myself. Is this happening only to me or is it a common error happening to other players as well? Please help. Would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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    What's your fame level, Demigod? Because that's the absolute maximum. Also level 100 is the last level, no more character progression beyond that.
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    100 is it. Time to roll a new toon.
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    Yeah the only way to strengthen your character now is with better equipment, enchants, and sockets whereever possible.
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