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Hi all I checked latest Runic version and DRM-free version again but Runic Version have steam_api.dll file too in application folder like Steam version , but DRM-free version haven't this dll and if you trying to open Torchlight Editor it shows errors continously . Isn't that problem related with steam_api.dll ? or maybe it's another problem . I tried to copy steam_api.dll and errors are gone . But I read on GOG forums some people still waiting for a solution and they don't know what to do .


  • Hi,

    Unfortunately the installer that was available on humble bundle when it first launched was missing that dll. Their installer has already been fixed, there are a few options for you to get the missing dll:

    1: if you have grabbed the runic or steam version, you can just copy that dll over.

    2: send us an email at [email protected] and we can send you the dll.

    3: you can always grab the new onstaller from HB library and reinstall, but that is a big file.

    Sorry about the file not being there, please feel free to link this post to anyone else that is having this issue.
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  • KyonKyon Posts: 31
    Thanks file size is not a problem . Because I am already using it for archive purpose :) I was bought this game firstly in pre-order stage . (And waited nearly 3 years for DRM-free release :P) Wanted to report that problem for other people . But it seems I am late and it's already fixed :)
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