What level items can drop where i am at?

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I have been searching an searching and i guess i dont fully understand how this works. I have read that it is not as simple as the map being levels 52-55 so those are the items that drop. Is it the mean of your level and the maps you are doing, say if you are level 85 doing maps 55-65 in mapworks what items drop? From what i understand i would be able to farm skulls of limoany from the frosted hills area even though i am level 84 currently. i have been farming for hours and it seems the item level drops are too high for limoany being 55, the lowest skull i got was macaburg 58 up to nephanic 63. Also, do what are the item levels in the phase beast challenges in comparison to areas. I am also not finding items lower than 57 it seems. So i dont want to waste hours if its not possible. Any help on this subject would be awesome. If there is a range of items that drop min-max in certain ranges, and any calculations would be cool. Please help! :D


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    For a more detailed explanation you can read here: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=52420

    What I can tell you is that it's area level range that matters. You can be lvl 84 or lvl 100. Yor level will only influence the monster level within the level range of the respective area. Also don't worry about items, they work a bit different from skulls as you will see in the link I posted. Just go for the large blue chests. Linoany skulls have a level range of 53-62. In my experience the most i've found have been in lvl 48-55 maps from the Mapworks. Just run around opening blue chests. It's tedious and boring but it works, and in the end you will enjoy the benefits :)
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