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Hello everyone,

I started playing TL2 a few days ago and it looks like my shared stash isn't working properly.
Every time i put gear in the stash and then try to get it back,there's no gear in the stash.
Even with the character i used to put the gear in the stash. All the gear is just gone.

I'm playing normal characters, not using any mods or cheats.

Is it a known bug ? Is there something i can do to fix it ?

Thank you for you help.


  • XenesisXenesis Posts: 219
    Perhaps you might need to check the file permissions of the shared stash file?

    It could have been inadvertently set to read-only, thereby preventing you from adding stuff to it.
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    A few possibilities I can think of off the top of my head:

    1. Like Xenesis said, perhaps you have a permissions problem.

    2. Are you using the Steam edition? Steam Cloud save has been know to erroneously overwrite a newer file with an older file. Try turning it off.

    3. You have 4 different stashes: vanilla softcore, vanilla ****, modded softcore, and modded ****. Double check that you're trying to deposit and withdraw items to and from the same stash.

    4. Do you really mean absolutely no mods? If an item has a mod binding, it will be deleted if you load the stash without the bound mod.
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  • GrogzzGrogzz Posts: 3
    Unfortunately, I already tried to resolve the problem the hard way.
    I completely deleted the shared stash files from my TL2 game folder and launched the game.
    It fixed the problem and now my shared stash is working.

    Thank you both for your suggestions !

    If I ever get the same problem I'll be prepared :)
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