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I am interested in understanding all the mods that can roll on items, what the differences between Magics and rares are, naming and such.

For Instance, a rare helmet slot:
Clovenhoof Helm
Item Level 15
No sockets
8 Physical Armor
+14% Cast Speed
+1% increase in the amount of experience gained
Set: Clovenhoof

So on to what I understand and what I am wondering about:
First: The base item. It looks to me like the Clovenhoof Helm is in itself a base item which is always rare. Is this true?
This helm has no sockets, but from what I understand this item could have had up to four sockets since it is a rare. True?

Now to the mods, or the enchantments. It looks like this item has two modifiers:
1 Cast Speed
2 increase in the amount of experience gained.
This is assuming there is not one modifier that comes as cast speed/inc xp hybrid. This is my biggest questions: How many mods can roll on a rare item? How many can roll on Magic items? How are naming handled? Are the possible mods related to item Level?

I have also wondered if the "Set"-part takes up a mod-slot, but it seems that set-pieces is its own base item. Is this true?
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    You'd be well served to fire up GUTS and take a look for yourself. Here's a brief overview:

    Item names are controlled by the "unique name" flag. If the flag is set to true, the item's name will always be the base name. If false, it will be prefix+base_name or base_name+suffix. If the item has more than one affix, the name will be taken from the affix with the highest priority.

    Items can be categorized into two groups for purposes of describing spawning rules: predefined items and randomized items.

    An item is predefined if at least one affix is attached in the item's dat file. These items will always spawn with the affixes specified in the dat file and no others.

    An item is random if no affixes are specified in its dat file. A random item will spawn with random affixes chosen from the pool of affixes for items. Each affix is defined with a list of item types it can or can't spawn on and a range of item levels it can spawn on, together with a weight that affects its chance of spawning. Items have a number of affix slots depending on their grade (greens get 2, blues get 5 or 6, golds would get 10-12, except vanilla TL2 does not have any randomized gold items; see globals.dat) and affixes take up a certain number of slots, usually 1, 2, 3, or 5, with better affixes generally consuming more slots.

    While there is no vanilla affix that gives both cast speed and increased xp, an affix can contain an unlimited number of effects. Most contain only one or two, though.

    Items can be defined to spawn with a fixed number of sockets -- you see this with uniques, legendaries, and 4-socket blues. Otherwise it will span with a randomly selected number of sockets from 0 to max_sockets, with 0 having a very strong weight. Max_sockets appears to default to 2 if it's not defined for an item type. The socket enchanter can add one socket per use to an item that has less than 2 sockets (he ignores max_sockets; only cares about current sockets). The game engine can only handle 6 sockets.

    Set membership is not an affix. It's tied to the base item.
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    Chthon wrote:
    The game engine can only handle 6 sockets.
    Though it starts bugging out at 5. If you fill a 5 socket weapon, other players won't be able to see the item at all, even in trade windows.
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    Thank you very much! Very helpful. I'll definetely check out GUTS.
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