Ravage causing mobs to flee?

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I am having a hard time understanding what's happening. Very often when I use the ravage (at least I think it is Ravage, if it's not it must be my auto-attack, but I really don't think so) the mobs get a red, yellow glowing symbol over their heads and flees. Why is this happening? There is nothing in the skill description about it, my equipment does not have a "x% to flee" affix. Any of you guys know why this happens?
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  • ZenisideZeniside Posts: 47
    Mm, wel the "red, yellow glowing symbol over their heads" is the -armor debuff from Ravage, as far as the fleeing goes I know there are some mobs that have a "flees when allies are slain" description, not sure if that's related. Obviously if you don't have something inflicting fleeing then it shouldn't be happening.
  • SebiSebi Posts: 63
    Do you have Fire Storm proc on any of your weapons? Fire storm has like 100% flee or something.
  • oledanhanoledanhan Posts: 15
    Thank you so much guys! That all makes sense because I have the Fire Storm proc! So now I know what the symbols mean, and also the fleeing thing! :)
    When I play I get emotional.
  • SebiSebi Posts: 63
    No problem. Have fun :)
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