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I have done everything in this game , but from TL1 not play with Vanquisher and now the TL2 had never played outlander , I am following the " shotgun surgery" on Elite and I confess that it was something that made Torchlight 2 is challenging for me , I just finished Vyrax Tower and died a 260 times ... I really have problems with this class because it is fragile and I have gone straight in Elite. I do not think this is much of the experience with the class, really think can become stronger at the highest levels , I want opnions , this build actually gets stronger over the levels ? and.. Sorry for my bad english.


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    The thread right below yours contains video of a **** elite shotgun build. That means 0 deaths. viewtopic.php?f=42&t=67113

    260 deaths is a lot. What do you keep dying to? My advice is to get hit less. I am not saying this facetiously. Outlander is not a tanky class and you don't have the means to stand in one place and soak tons of damage without dying. Learn which attacks hurt a lot and then make sure you move out of the way when you see them.

    If you give us more information we can better help you. The best thing would be a short video of you playing your character along with a brief tour of your stats, skills, and gear. If you can't record a video then do your best with screenshots and text.
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