Skills, Life Stolen% and Survivability

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Hey peeps,

Wondering if melee builds (with shield) are viable at higher levels since monsters have high damage.
Obviously to be able to survive you have to have high damage mitigation (75% block, 75% damage reduction) AND some strong healing capability.

So far I have only found one: Life Stolen %. Sadly it only applies to auto attacks (and to Magma Mace, but not the other melee skills from the Engineer or Berserker).
Even though it makes no sense to me that Magma Mace procs Life Steal % but Eviscerate for instance does not, let's not discuss this.

Let's rather discuss if melee builds are viable at higher levels (Elite ++) and if yes (or even if not), where do you guys get your survivability from? Thanks! :mrgreen:


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    They're viable until you reach the point where you still get oneshot even after your health and damage reduction. This only happens in Tarroch's Tomb where the enemy levels continue to climb up to 199. Anywhere else the damage should still be manageable with the right gear.

    I've actually used Magma Mace with 20% health stolen to solo the first half of Tarroch's Tomb, but beyond that it becomes too dangerous to attempt in melee. Had to finish the rest by frantically teleporting and throwing Infernal Collapse.

    Another thing you really have to watch out for in melee is enemies which explode on death. You could easily destroy an entire pack in one swing, but then you're standing at ground zero.
  • OK thanks for your answer!

    So what happens when you still get hit as a ranged character since you have no life steal?
    Any reliable way to rebuild HP quickly to avoid being finished off (spell vamp does not exist here, right)?
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    Well Outlanders have Stone Pact for healing, and anyone can chug Ultimate Rejuvenation potions (Adventuring passive helps). But there are some circumstances where you just can't take the hit, particularly the final wave of Tarroch's Tomb on elite with multiple players. That's when avoidance becomes crucial, so ranged has an obvious advantage there. Of course this is a very niche scenario, and melee is perfectly fine for most of the game.
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