Torchlight in 2015

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Hello, i am a fan of diablolike games, torchlight 1 was, and still is one of my favourite game of arpg kind. My GF is going to buy me torchlight 2 for christmas, and here's my question, does anybody still playing Torchlight 2 on multiplayer? even a small group?

Greetings, evkK


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    Play with your GF instead of random strangers - it will be more fun. This is more of a co-op game than true multiplayer. There aren't really any advantages to playing co-op with random strangers you don't know as you will likely have different schedules and probably won't have voice communications which makes communication more difficult. If you really want to find a random stranger to co-op with post a thread in the looking for groups subforum.
  • evkKevkK Posts: 4
    She don't have an pc, only tablet, so i have to play with strangers :P I will do as you said, and search for players to play in this forum, thx for quick answer :)
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    There are a decent number of people playing, although scattered across different levels and in private games. Hope you like the game!
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    I've already finnished the demo version, it's such a great game, i don't understand why so few peoples playing it for now, i had Diablo 3 +RoS and in compare with torchlight 2 i choose torchlight 2 without a doubt
  • I'm always down to find new people to play with. But I do use a full mod list, so that's a thing.

    Look me up on steam: prozacman
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