Coming back, few questions

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I've decided to play TL2 again, having played it about 2 years ago.

1. I haven't, however, played the Synergies Mod. Should I play with it?

2. Is that what most people play nowadays?

3. If I play from Steam, can I still run Synergies?

4. What are the most fun builds/classes in your opinion? I have only played Embermage so far.

Thank you guys :)


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    Synergies is available from the Steam workshop but you don't need the Steam version to use it. Whether or not you should use it depends on whether you want a vanilla experience or don't mind gameplay that is over the top difficult at times. The mod has a lot of interesting classes to play but it throws a lot of stuff at you so expect an unceasing onslaught vs vanilla's more even pacing.

    As far as what most people play...I have no idea but Synergies does seem to be pretty popular. I think you'll have an easier time finding people to play with by asking folks here as well as on the Torchlight subreddit if they'll play with you. Due to modding and new game + the online community is fractured. Being able to jump into random games and find decent people to game with is very hit or miss...with more misses than hits.

    As far as fun classes my favorite Synergies class was the Necromancer. I got tired of the constant onslaught of enemies. though which means I lost the ability to play it. It's unfortunate that the classes built for Synergies don't work if you don't have the mod. I wish my Necro was stand alone :/.
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    Zidders likewise in regards to the Necro
    "Six... one, six... the nuuuumber ooof the beeeaaast!"
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    Lilwen wrote:
    2. Is that what most people play nowadays?
    A lot of people also play TL2 with the Unearthed Arcana mod.
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