newbie outlander questions regarding skills

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Hello there,

so I have some questions about some skills

1) Shadowshot's additional shots don't seem to hit every time. Sometimes (stationary opponents) the additional shots just go straight out into the wild, not homing in on anything. Sometimes even when homing they seem to explode right before they hit somebody. Sometimes (close grouped enemies) the additional shots pass through an enemy before trying to home.
How often do they actually hit, say over a sample of 10000 shots, what is the hit percentage to hit of each additional shot?

2) Shadowshot: which on hit effects are actually triggered by the additional shots? I think I noticed "percentage to blind" from a weapon apply (not sure). Am sure though that "mana stolen" does not apply, not even with the main shot.

3) Do the additional Shadowshots trigger Shadowling Ammo?

4) Does Shadowling Ammo trigger when the opponent is gibbed, say from ice? Does it trigger when the pet kills somebody?

5) How is determined in which direction Rune Vault will take you? It mostly seems straight away from the enemy you're firing at. But sometimes it's at an angle which frustratingly shoves me into a corner or something.

Thanks in advance, cheers,

ps: And if somebody knows, this isn't about the Outlander, but does the first town fish pond actually yield Giant Largemouth Bass? I want it. Got a few other giant fishs but not this one.


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    1. The targeting and hit rate on the split shards is terrible, which is why it is recommended that you not use Shadowshot.

    2. Mana steal doesn't work on most skills. Blind chance should.

    3. If they kill something, yes. Big if.

    4. No to pet. Gibs should not matter.

    5. Opposite of the direction your cursor is pointing, but is easily cut short by any bumps or obstacles in the terrain.

    Just don't use Shadowshot. The targeting ****. If the shard targeting were as reliable as Glaive Throw it might be worth considering but as it is now it's terrible.
  • thanks a lot for the info :)

    if Shadowshot reimbursed for mana on hit then it would be kinda cool... could use it instead of autoattack all the time. But with no mana refund :(

    I tested a bit more with it and the secondary shots do not seem to trigger Shadowling Ammo, even when they kill. Did the "boss" fight in the first crypt thingy, all critters were killed by Shadowshot (first or secondary shots) I had seemingly no shadowlings at all :/

    Also it seems to me like Glaive Throw never triggers Shadowling Ammo, nor Poison Burst, is that true? I'm kinda confused as to what triggers what

  • embermanemberman Posts: 729
    Shadowling Ammo and Poison Burst both require weapon damage to trigger. The damage from Glaive Throw is independent of your weapon. If you look at the Glaive Throw description it just says deal X-Y damage, which is always the same even if you have no weapon. You need to auto attack or use skills that have a weapon damage component (they say deal X% of weapon DPS) to use those passives.
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