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I have been away from the game for few years and still annoys me that NG+ restriction (can't play together with lower levels).

I know, this has been in discussion many, many times and it's not the case.

What I have met in Guild Wars 2, is dynamic level adjustment. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dynami ... adjustment

For example, when you have level 100 character and go to the area meant for levels 10-15, then your character "decreases"/adjusts to level 15. Very basic algorithm could be "(stats / 99) * 14" (I substracted 1, because level 1 starts with basestats not basestats + 5).

For example my case engineer (without additional points, but additional points would also be adjusted accordingly)
Str: 15 + (510-15 / 99) * 14 = 15+70 = 85
Dex: 5 (min is 5, stays 5)
Foc: 5 (min is 5, stays 5)
Vit: 15 (min is 15, stays 15)
Total: 110

Now, level 15 engi total stats are 110 so basically level 100 char got adjusted accordingly, by such simple calculation.

I know, the case of spells still remains, but at least that way it would be possible for higher levels to play together with lower levels without having too easy gameplay.
It would bring community hella lot together, even if just for fun :)

Also, somehow there would be needed to "ignore" gear requirements, because stats are adjusted and char needs to wear high-level gear as it would when it's level 100, but that can also be implemented.

I have no idea if this could be done via mods and maybe someone could comment of such features possibility.

So, tell me what you think of this?



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    You can use Rapid Respec to change your characters NG+ cycle in order to play with friends. http://clockworkcore.org/tl2rr.html
    Not the most perfect solution but at least it'll let you play with your buddies. If I remember right the limitation had more to do with syncing issues than anything else.
  • Hey!

    Thanks for that suggestion, but I'm already aware of Rapid Respec.
    That's a bypass, not solution :)

    Anyway, I created mod thread as well so I can get an attention of more experienced modders:
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    Yeah, you could mod that...

    But it would be much easier to simply allow the monsters to level with the player up to level 100 (in all the zones) than it would be to de-level the character to the level of the area. De-leveling would be possible... but balancing it would be a gargantuan task.
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    I'm not sure de-leveling would be possible through modding. It would require two things that I don't know how to do, and I'm not sure you can do: (1) Get a handle to the area level in the player's EFFECTS context; and (2) Perform multiplication/division of two stats.*

    (* In situations where you know for certain that one of the stats is going to have a predictable, very small range of potential values, then you can fake multiplication/division by setting up a bunch of branches in the skill logic. Unfortunately, the performance cost quickly gets out of hand if the range is too large.)

    A whole other issue here is item balance. The "side-kicking" system works in GW2 (insofar as anything really "works" in GW2.... Gawd, do I miss GW1...) because nerfing stats is sufficient to nerf a player character overall. That's not the case with TL2. A player character with level-15-ish stats carrying around a Wizard of Gore is going to be much stronger than a real level 15 character. And then there's Borris....
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