Most skills still have too little difference per level

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I remember this being mentioned a lot in beta, sad to see it still remains a problem.

Most of the skills scale in %, which sounds great, until you realise that 1% (or less!) per level essentially means nothing, and you need to go several levels before you can put another point into the skill.

E.G. The engineer skill supercharge improves by 0.5% per level. Literally who cares? Its too random to be of much use. Aegis suffers from the same problem, and Forcefield vs Aegis is essentially a no contest. Having critical skills proc on trash mobs is pointless when the hardest fights in the game are all champions/bosses. Putting one point into aegis can save you some pots when fighting regular mobs because of the infinite duration shield but otherwise, too random.

Then you have the bulkwark skill that scales by 2% armor per level. Again, who cares? At level 30, i have 150+ armor, 2% of that is an extra 3 armor per rank. Meanwhile trash mobs at this level are doing 150+ damage per hit after armor and reduction and i'm only playing on veteran difficulty.

Then you have skills like coup de grace that give you a lot of bonus damage...but only if a status effect kicks in....which only happens on trash mobs (the guys you kill in 2-3 hits anyway) because champions and bosses have massive resistances. It's like those instant death skills in old school RPGs that only work on normal monsters that are low level than you. Nobody used those.

Or skills like overload where the damage literally doesn't scale per rank, only per player level. Guess what that encourages...yep, one point only, or the minimum to hit a tier bonus.

There's a problem when i'm looking at skills and keep thinking "this is good for one point at best" or "don't bother ranking this until i can get the tier bonus".

Forcefield on the other hand is an example of a well designed skill. The damage absorb scales per level AND per rank, AND per charge, meaning that ranking it is actually really effective given that 5 charges give you a 2.5x absorb shield. It also increases knockback resist per rank, and you can activate it whenever for champs/bosses.

Compare that to Aegis which is terrible in comparison.


  • IcefreezeIcefreeze Posts: 22
    1. Every lv of Super Charge increase % skill trigger and More Dmg bonus per direct hit from Weapon. This Dmg Bonus is =x% output dmg of Weapon Dmg, so this dmg bonus is the main reason to lv up Super Charge, not x% more to trigger skill.
    2. Aegis is good with just 1 point into it. If you want it more useful, you can play any mod game that make more enemies, harder level play.
    3. The main usefull effect of Bulwark is " Reduce x% Physical Dmg", not " % armor bonus". Play game on Elite Bulwark can save you sometime if you just a softcore gammer.
    4. Coup de Grace:: Stun still work on Boss/Champion, but look like they slowdown, not " Stun " like trash mob. And i agree that this skill quite less effective less, 1point and leave it alone if you want some dmg with 1 skill point. This skill is truly useful if you get trouble if you character's clearer crow is to low on Elite.
    5. Overload can boost dmg by Charge, 50%/charge, and every lv skill point add more % stun enemies. So i don't think it need more. Ofcourse it's worth 1 point enough.
    * Some skill point is just like salt to the meal, nothing more. But at least it still worth 1 point into it.
    /My English is not good enough, hope you can unsderstand.
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    I like how a lot of skills work best at 1 or 5 points. It gives you much more room to try more skill combinations instead of going 15/15 in a small number of skills. More skill options means your build is more versatile and capable of handling more situations.
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