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It would be great if we can get a new version of Torchlight! I would love a Torchlight 3 that was on PC, Mac, Linux, and consoles. Please make it happen!


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    First of all a big welcome. Yes it would be nice to have Torchlight 3. First Hob is in development which looks like it is going to be a great addition to the Runic Library of games. Runic is a small company and can only work on one project at a time. We will have to wait and see what the next project will be after Runic is finished with Hob and is ready to share that information to use when they feel it is ready.
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    Yea why not a torchlight 3 now you will loose sales to Fate the cursed king its like the torchlight 3 we never had Im staying there not gonna play HOB don't want a game that looks like Zelda and FLYFF
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    jmababa wrote:
    ou will loose sales to Fate the cursed king
    Torchlight II has over three million sales on Steam alone. It was an incredibly successful game. That and Runic has always stated they're not about greed. They aren't trying to compete with anyone. What they care about most is artistic expression and making games people will hopefully find fun. They just needed to take a break from Torchlight because they'd been doing the same thing for so long.

    jmababa wrote:
    not gonna play HOB don't want a game that looks like Zelda and FLYFF
    ...and that's fine. It's great that you're enjoying Cursed King. It's unfortunate you're not willing to give their new game a chance but I'm sure they have more than enough folks who will buy the game to make up for it. I know I'll be buying it on Steam for sure.

    Look at it this way-which do you prefer? An endless repetitive series of cash grabs each one a carbon copy of the previous game just with a few minor variations? Or would you rather developers express themselves in new ways and maybe end up bringing new concepts to a much beloved series once they can approach it with a fresh outlook?

    They never said they wouldn't go back to Torchlight. They just want to stretch their creative wings a little. That's a good thing. It means better more creative and fun games and less chance Torchlight turns into a shallow ghost of a once great and beloved series should they decide they want to continue it.
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    Wait a second, looking like Zelda is supposed to be a diss?

    PS: Hai :D
  • I was hoping for Torchlight 3 or a DLC for Torchlight 2. The games pretty dead at NG+ and up..

    I'll check out Hob tho.. looks interesting.
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    I've played enough games that I don't feel like playing through another diablo clone. Torchlight had an aesthetic different enough that I enjoyed playing it through, but if a Torchlight 3 came out and it was more of the same gameplay, then I wouldn't be that excited for it. I'd still buy it though, especially if it had modding and new features (beastiary, tons of extraneous collectibles, etc.), so it can be my go-to game for the genre if I felt like playing it.
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    Torchlight 3 could be fun. (I still play TL2 sometimes, listening to music while trying to finally win that EHC)

    But it needn't necessarily be another point and click ARPG. I think I'd really enjoy a little bit more skill focused game (as opposed to gear hoarding).
    What I mean is a fantasy (Torchlight) themed top-view (I mean between 3ps and top view. Torchlight 2 has a really convenient camera angle I think) WSAD + mouse game with some exciting combat mechanics (like that of Mount & Blade, Prince of Persia or Nidhogg) plus maybe combos as well (Blade of Darkness, Revenant comes to mind).
    Of course there could be spells, e.g. that make your weapon flaming adding some elementary damage or the like. I really liked the backflip move of the Outlander - opens up tricks like backstab. So things like these.

    TL2 already performs well against D3 or PoE in being tactical (IMO), but I could take even some more action.
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    peti29 wrote:

    TL2 already performs well against D3 or PoE in being tactical (IMO), but I could take even some more action.
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