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I do appreciate that the game has toned down the fanservice and has an option to turn off blood, but I would like to request an option to have the guardian of mana either use the same model as the guardian of water or give her some clothes or something. Similarly for the vendor in act 1 and the commander and any other possible instances. I'd also like the cutscenes that include cleavage to be autoskipped if that option is turned on and the loading window with the sculpture to not be displayed.

Again, this would be an option. People could choose to use it or not. I have currently uninstalled the game, but I look forward to a patch with this option so that I can play it again.

NOTE: Even if you just replace their graphics with a black box, autoskip the certain cutscenes, and remove the one loading screen or black it out I would accept that.

UPDATE: EXCITING NEWS! The modesty mod has been updated to remove every bit of immodesty I could find except for the cutscenes (not loadscreens, I did take care of those) which I may update later, but for now are easily skipped.


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    She isn't immodest. Her attire is part of her culture. That's like asking National Geographic to cover up naked indigenous villagers. As far as cutscenes go that would require a lot of time, effort and money to alter something that most people don't have an issue with. A better solution is for you to hit the escape button (they're skippable) and not let yourself feel offended.
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    Also if you didn't notice the one semi-**** villager has her long white hair covering her ****. This game is one of the tamest arpg's ever. The blood is super cartoony. The violence is mild compared to games like Diablo III or Grim Dawn.
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    No, it wouldn't take a lot of time, money, or effort. I'm at the minimum asking for the option to allow autoskipping of cutscenes, blacking out of 1 loading screen, and replacing the character models of perhaps 3 characters with black boxes (the guardian of mana, the shopkeeper, and the commander). I can play a guy to avoid having my character wear that sort of clothing. If I knew what I was doing, I could take care of the model replacement with a mod, and yes I can skip the cutscenes each time, but the loading screen is a different deal.

    Also, unlike national geographic, these are video game characters instead of actual people.

    Lastly, this is an option that you could enable.
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    "It wouldn't take a lot of time, money, or effort."

    Game designers make any where between $45k and $130k a year. Median pay is around $85k. Figure most of these folks have been with Runic/in the industry awhile now which means most of them are making OK money. Even if they pay someone for a few hours work that's more than the cost of a single copy of the game. That and it would have to be tested because you're not just asking them to patch it for you. You're asking them to patch it for everyone who bought the game. That means dealing with any possible bug fixes and customer issues that might happen as a result of altering the code.

    Then there's the little matter of the fact they're busy working on and promoting a new game. That makes taking at least a few people off that game so that they can work on an issue for one person. That's more time and resources. Now you're costing them money in even more ways.

    "I can play a guy to avoid having my character wear that sort of clothing. "

    There's ONE outfit that shows cleavage. Everything else barely reveals anything. Except for the cartoonish blood and violence the game might as well be rated G. There's NOTHING shameful about ****. It's just skin.

    Your expectations are unrealistic. Just because you're ultra-sensitive to displays of **** doesn't mean Runic should have to go through all that expense to cater to ONE person.
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    gd1 wrote:
    Also, unlike national geographic, these are video game characters instead of actual people.
    My point is If you're from a culture or a member of a faith that considers **** in any way, shape or form offensive you need to accept that not everyone is obligated to cater to your beliefs. Other people from other cultures believe different from you and that's OK. Now Runic could decide to send you an altered version of the game and that would be pretty neato but they shouldn't be expected to compromise their artistic vision just because it doesn't please your personal sense of morality.

    A more reasonable path of action would be to either stop letting it bother you or if that's impossible for you to decide it isn't in your own best interest to continue playing the game or supporting the company. You don't have to do that of course but if you're going to continue having issues playing the game maybe it just isn't the game for you.
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    If it's that expensive, then I'll try to do it myself in case anyone else is having this issue.

    Part 1: Cutscenes
    Press the escape key. I'll look to see if they're similar to loading screens.

    Part 2: Loading Screens
    Replace all the loading screens with one loading screen by copying and pasting one several times with the same name as the others.
    The files you are looking for are:
    The files are located in the ("MEDIA\UI\LOADSCREEN") folder, all you need to do is replace those with a blank black .DDS and you are good to go.

    Hope it helps,

    Part 3: Commander, Shopkeeper, Guardian of Mana
    I will attempt to make a mod that replaces their models with a guard.

    I'll link to that mod on this thread if I manage to create it.

    Excellent News! I can easily change the models of the guardian of mana and others to more appropriate ones. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to change the loading screens as they are loading from some other folder than the one indicated by the linked quote. However, that's really a minor consideration as they're not as egregious as the guardian of mana (in that they aren't directly in the gameplay so you can just close your eyes while waiting) or the other offensive artwork. I'll still try and find out how to modify it, but for now, I'll make the modesty mod for people with different sensibilities as soon as I can.

    Note: Mod made, I was able to change the models, but it caused issues with them not appearing except for the guardian of mana. I actually never noticed the people with no shirts on in 5 runthroughs of the game, but the guardian of mana is pretty blatant. This mod fixes that. I will upload it shortly.

    Aaand here it is:

    So, status:
    +Skip cutscenes with the escape key
    +Commander vale and certain villagers aren't as much of a problem (I hardly noticed them, just don't buy anything from the one shopkeeper, keep your game zoomed out, and talk to commander vale from a direction away from the camera.
    +The guardian of mana has been fixed to a less offensive model
    +I will be looking into how to change the one objectionable loading screen. People have apparently managed to remove them, I will find one way or another. For the time being, just look down/away when a loading screen would come up.
    +Not optimal, but one of the two main objections I had with the game has been fixed.
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    Well, this is the best solution. You don't like something with the game, change it. And you also learned something about modding during it, which is a win-win :D
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    Serkevan wrote:
    Well, this is the best solution. You don't like something with the game, change it. And you also learned something about modding during it, which is a win-win :D

    BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Modding to learn about I mean. EDIT: ALSO the modesty mod has been updated to remove all the immodesty I could find in the game save for the cutscenes which are easily skipped (though I may do something about them as well perhaps later).

    Step 1: Create a new mod (using torchlight2 guts).
    Step 2: Go to this folder area
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Torchlight II\mods\beamydeffgun
    I called my mod beamydeffgun, so the name is beamydeffgun

    Step 3:
    Create a new folder named media in your mod folder named beamydeffgun.
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Torchlight II\mods\beamydeffgun\media

    Step 4:
    Create a new folder named UI
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Torchlight II\mods\beamydeffgun\media\UI

    Step 5:
    Create a new folder named Loading
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Torchlight II\mods\beamydeffgun\media\UI\LOADING

    Step 6:
    Put your .dds files in this folder. If you want to not see some of the original loading screens, name them one of the following depending on which screens you don't want to see: DARKALCHEMIST.DDS

    You could also put in more? Haven't tested. May try some other time.

    Step 7:
    Open Torchlight 2 Guts
    Select beamydeffgun (or whatever the mod you created was named)

    Step 8:
    Click view in the upper left hand corner and select mods from the dropdown menu.

    Step 9:
    On the far right hand side, right below a timer you will see a 1 inch wide rectangular box taking up most of the right of the screen that has two options at the top called Mod and Steam and the box itself is named Mods. Click the option labeled Mod.

    Step 10:
    Click Package and Publish from the dropdown Menu.

    Step 11:
    Click Build. You may choose to unselect publish to steam checkbox. Just because.

    Step 12:
    Run torchlight 2 and select that mod that you just built. The changes will now appear in the game.

    I have now replaced the egregious art with the dark alchemist for the loading screen every time. I will soon publish a mod shortly that either buries all the other offending characters up to their necks or changes their models (likely the second) and at last the people who want a more modest version of the game will again be able to play it with a clear conscience.
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    Hey gd1! Yeah take a look inside that mod I sent you - it changes the mana guardian model to use a yakotaur. Not difficult to do actually, so you could use the same method to change-out (almost) any model you want to ;)
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