Torchlight 2 - can't play through VPN on linux

hi all,
With a friend, we set up a VPN with openVPN and successfully connected our PCs.
I'm running the VPN server on my laptop, my friend is connected to my PC.

We can ping each other (IPs: and
My friend can access my webpages via
Both of us use linux.

We both start Torchlight 2 but our games cannot see each other.
It doesn't matter who creates the game, the other doesn't see it..

Why is this happening?




  • ZiddersZidders Posts: 14,360 ✭✭✭

    Are you using any mods? Torchlight 2's multiplayer is notoriously finicky. Why are you using a VPN to connect, anyways? You shouldn't need to.

  • fpelosafpelosa Posts: 2

    we're using the vpn because we want to simulate a LAN instead of playing in 'internet' mode. We have no mod.. is there any mod to facilitate the play via lan?
    Or, do you have any suggestion on how to solve this finicky? :)

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